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County is also planning to raise the age exemption for the face covering requirement so the children younger than ten. Don't have to wear mass. Which will bring it into alignment with the city. It just gets more and more confusing. Doesn't it the county previously exempted only children? Two years of age and younger. Several Council members said they're concerned that the county Lamoure County policy change will indeed create more confusion about face covering requirements and they continued toback. Fort Collins is more rigorous policy the city's mask requirement last through may thirtieth and could indeed be extended Fort Collins face covering requirement applies to people inside businesses city buildings public transportation and any other public indoor space where people can't maintain six feet of distance between themselves and others who members of the same household now. The goal of the mass mandate is to prevent people who have corona virus. The so-called silent carriers to prevent them from transmitting it to others as businesses begin to open Fort Collins mayor pro. Tem Kristen Stevens said. It's not infringing on People's Rights. I'm sure there's no shortage of people that might take issue with that statement keeping other save. That might be vulnerable as just the right thing to do. I certainly don't think that had light of what the county's doing that we should Roll back anything but once again for Collins will not change its mask. Requirement despite larimer counties expected policy change and. That should come down tomorrow. All right so he some time this morning. Talking about the Michael Flynn on masking. Seems to me was a personal vendetta. Let's say there was no love lost between President Barack Obama and Michael. Flynn seems like the administration certainly had it out from Michael. Flynn wasn't enough Just to fire him no. It seems as though they literally wanted to destroy him. Destroy his life. Do you realize throughout this entire this entire fiasco Michael. Flynn has spent over six million dollars on legal bills. While it's all unraveling right now. This is a president. Trump called it a massive revelation Wednesday that top Obama administration officials including former vice president. Joe dugout Biden who convened conveniently. Really can't remember if what he had to do with unmasking but no he was among that group of people this according to that information released that was involved in unmasking former trump national security adviser. Michael Flynn in intelligence reports. The unmasking said President. Trump is indeed Massive thing now the president questioned the Mr Biden's claim that well he didn't know the details of the Russia investigation that was unfolding while indeed. He was still in office so once again. Mr Biden former. Fbi Director Oh the MORALIZER chief. James Comey or among the top Obama officials who tried to unmask Flynn's identity this during the Russia probe this according to the report by acting director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell. That was released yesterday among other figures named in the report are former CIA director. John Brenner Ex. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former Obama chief of staff Denis McDonough. Some are saying that this is actually worse than Watergate. Well Kinda gave me leeway to reach out to someone who knows quite a bit about Watergate. One John O'Connor author of Post Gauge. How The Washington Post betrayed deep throat? Cover up the Watergate and began today's partisan advocacy journalism. He served as an assistant. Us Attorney in Northern California from one thousand nine hundred seventy four to one thousand nine hundred seventy nine representing the United States in both criminal and civil cases but point of fact he also represented w mark felt better known as deep throat in the Watergate scandal. John O'Connor ways in added around eight thirty five this morning. Eight thirty now. Thirteen ten. Kfi KFI BARBARA'S TO UNC bears game coverage lives on thirteen ten K. A. K. Missing Sports on KFI K. In Joyce Amine classics with Kfi K classics every Thursday and Friday night on thirteen ten KFI K. And Thirteen ten. Kfi DOT COM. Well the rhythm didn't get Michael Flynn but.

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