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Love important one who's loving me flowing Now go walk out the door just started around. No, you're not welcome anymore. What? You the one who Dr Great. He's with me by just think I stumbled. Just forgot to lay down and down. I love Oh, and I know I've got all my life I've lived. I've got all my love to give and I'll survive. I will survive. Oh! Oh, just stand around now you're not walk one. Where do you want to try breaking the ice mumble? They got laid down and died. How long time I've got all my love gift. Newark, New Jersey's very own. Gloria Gaynor and I will survive. And that is truth. I'm fully vaccinated. You're truly Bob O Brien here on the Baba thon today all the way till midnight. I started at three. Going strong. A little reminder. You can trust New Jersey 1 to 1.5 chief meteorologist Dan zero for the most accurate jersey forecasts all the time..

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