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Paul W. Smith Show News Talk 7 60 wjr Good Monday morning to hope you had a great weekend and you're raring to go on this 25th day of 2021. There are 340 days left in the year Make each and every day count each day is a gift. Well, it's a big Monday with a lot of conversation, including Talking about the loss of Larry King, who passed away over the weekend. He had more than Nine lives. Matthew Stafford wants to leave the Lions say OK, we'll continue to talk about that as well. People still talking about the business is closing. Talking about getting the vaccine or not getting the vaccine, Dr Anthony Fauci, making the rounds all over the place. Talking about vaccine shortages, the variant strains and And what's next will just have to be held hostage to this virus. A bit longer. Really with all the we try to do the relentless, positive radio. There are those negative stories that are out there and have to be told and one of them again. Another Another store closing. This one hits, particularly close to home for some people, and that is Though it was sweet while it lasted the Belgian chocolate here. Good, Iva. Will sell or close all 128 of its North American shops within the next few months. You know, I knew this was gonna be difficult to hear. Yeah. 128 stores all of theirs. E. I just can't. This is a good punch. I'm sorry. I know this is weird because it's like just two years ago, they started to open these good diver cafes. Now it's not clear. It sounds like those air closing, too. But we've seen that happen before right? Some expansion and the next thing you know they're done before and here's the Here, said the other part of the story that we have to look at the whole story because this is And the interesting observation, though it diver is in effect pulling out of America with their stores. They're always going to be online, of course, which is I'm sure been going very well for them. But get diver retail stores in Europe, the Middle East and greater China will continue operating What does that say about Our economy in the days ahead our businesses in the days ahead. If they just choose to pull out of America because sales are weak, but they're strong in Europe, Middle East Greater China. Well, I will say this, though. In Europe, the They're bigger chocolate consumers than we are here. If I'm not mistaken, that is, I mean, you know Europe, especially their huge chocolate consumers. So I wonder if that might be more. I mean, it could be more story could be people. You know, saying chocolate companies right here in Detroit, so absolutely. And back to the Y and the other places and that they consume more chocolate. They we have gotten healthier. And, uh, although I think dark, Chuck, that's very good for you. A lot of people don't agree with the milk chocolate being so good for you, and in this effort to be healthier. To cut sugar intake and lose weight and all the rest of it. I guess it would make sense that That they're doing poorly here in these United States compared to other places. I guess I'm not sure what the best way to look at. That is happy to say that Chick fil A was listening. And they have now debuted a new spicy grilled chicken sandwich because I said in the chicken wars The Popeye Chicken sandwich beat the chick fil A. But the experience and what you had to go through to go to pop. I have actually get one wasn't worth it. And now Chick fil A, which is a well oiled machine. He's going to have AH, less boring. Chicken sandwich. Can I to a chicken sandwich plug? Yes s o. We were reading one day that the girls see, um farm dearie. They're in North fell there on Nova. I rode North felt they have a store. Yeah, they opened actually, like a little restaurant there. So suppose I read just in passing and one of the magazines all they've got a great chicken sandwich like one of the best. So they seriously have one of the pest chicken sandwiches. It's a long drive for us, but we've seen on several occasions like on a Sunday afternoon have driven down there to get their chicken sandwich. All good chicken sandwich, the currency dairy store, currently farmed area and they have the store now open like you can get ice cream and so on there, uh again, they're gonna be opening. I think their restaurant now, with the restrictions being lifted to some extent, I'm sure they're gonna be opening. Sit down. Should you could do the carry out and their sandwiches are awesome. And that was a big deal when they open that to that restaurant, Of course, big timing. Unfortunately, then to be hit with the pandemic. Well, that's good news. Energy farms. Airy chicken sandwich gets the two thumbs up. Oh, man, Yeah, I'm Marie. We've got our wjr business beat with Jeff Sloan, founder and CEO of Startup Nation, spotlighting the entrepreneurial tech and startup community and wjr.

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