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Unconventional teams of different disciplines together really going to the heart of who's the end user for this is just like we would never design a cell phone without doing a ton of user testing to make sure that it's essentially like a second skin for consumer. We haven't quite gotten there in healthcare yet. And I think there's a lot of room for bringing patients in shoes these conversations run what our healthcare system spoke like love that. Yeah, it's great call out. And as we look to put things into play. Chiefs that make a difference. I think keeping it simple is definitely driving factor. What about the other side of the coin, right? You shared with us to set back up. But how about one of your proudest medical leadership experiences to date? Yeah. About a month after I had gotten to the health department and settled inspire role overstaying socialist from his health initiatives. We got used that the centers for Medicare it Medicare innovation were introduced saying this new account of a health communities model at which I was so excited out because essentially the work that we were doing at the clinic level or at the local level scale. So the idea behind Campbell communities does that there will be thirty two awards given out across the country to different health systems community based organizations truly think about how to screen and refer navigate patients for social media. It's two different resources that they might need to do this scale. So insight was required to think about screening. Emme five thousand Medicated Medicare beneficiaries, and so while I was sort of caught up in my excitement about this. I also remember feeling really worry because prevalent a place like Baltimore. It wasn't that. This work wasn't already being done. It was that it was often fragmented there were different pilots that had gone gone underway. There wasn't a central infrastructure to bring all of that together. So we decided that we would use the HD process to actually pull all of the local hospitals, so seven health systems thirteen hospitals to the table alongside communities partner is alongside ever agencies. And think about how we could build an approach to social trends of how that was truly comprehensive from strategy perspective in technology perspective. And so that was really exciting. We actually got memorandum's remand from all the different healthcare institutions were with another be in collaboration. There still is significant road have the initiative, but I think it's really great example with this look like whether. That intentional thought to it. Oh for sure and kudos to you for getting everybody to agree to play together. I think that as oftentimes difficult, you know, like, I mean information exchange data vailab -bility from one system to the next. I think at least being able to get the group of providers stakeholders together to to work together on how to address the social determinants of health is key. So were there any programs developed or insights gained from the process or? Yeah. One of the insight that we away was how temperately health systems wanted a common table to be able to come together, particularly around data inflammation exchanges you were just talking about. So in this, particular instance, ultimate using a health information exchange that allowed hospitals to see clinical information off different patient sites. The patient was at Hopkins Monday, and then the university of Maryland medical center, the next day, they can see whether that should have been in and out of the. Emergency room or what prescriptions they were taking when they couldn't see was the social health information. And so be had a really interesting conversation about what it would look like to create a portal that is not just one part of the Bishop experiment is comprehensive to the patient. So that different case managers in different physicians across all tomorrow's at various healthcare providers could be on the same page about what patients were experiencing that was something that came very tangibly out of the design conversation that we had drains process. Wonderful. What a great tool to to have at your disposal. I know that most cities in the US don't have that. So that's a testament to the work in your obsession with this Sonia to make sure we get we get it done. Right. Yeah. A little session goes a long way, I've found trying to wrangle a lot of people to be his Abram. That's excellent. That's excellent Sarnia. So so tell us about an exciting project. Or focus that you're working on today. One of the things I am really excited to be focusing on. I think that adds up the.

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