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And then she doesn't like get another guy at the end but great yeah which is great I feel like that's almost maybe like ninety s narratives kind of punishing her maybe arguably for like you yes you had a shot and you messed it up at this this nice lady she had a husband and yes he died because the beetle was there but also then he gets she gets she gets to fall in love with this other Guy gets one horrible abuser is kind of like and he's like to the point where you're like I don't even know that the writers were consciously making that the value judgment but it does sort of when you're in over analysis like the aren't great and of course like you and I don't see like also you know like people in who desire nuclear family it's not like they don't sometimes end up in abusive relationships and you know reinforcing the idea that every Weekly Your family is impervious to abuse and conflict as Jiri Hollywood narrative that you're so yes maybe we are over analyzing it a we gotta take a quick break by let's come in shall we saw what's up it's Caitlyn and even though the patriarchy is still all around us I feel great.

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