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Dot com Twitter feed on the hot in Cleveland Browns, at Kobe ESPN. And ESPN plenty of people gone to, Las Vegas placing bets a lot of bets, on Cleveland not just to be a five, hundred team but more than enough bets according to a Caesar's palace spokesperson on the Cleveland Browns to win, the division the, AFC north and that, got played, you say wait what's going. On here, for example Thomas, car says I bet the under on, five point five wins for. The Browns I hope they don't, mean again You want to be, rooting with bagels right there Freddie, a that's a smart wager yeah. He's not a better now he's a wager because when you're routine with Vegas you gotta have. A lot better shot to. Win some cash because they didn't air condition the desert and build those big cathedrals because they lose no. Doubt about that so also, on the other side of. That Robert Schneider says Freddie of course the Cleveland Browns, are the hottest. Team in the NFL you weren't there, in northeast Ohio in the fifties Paul browbeat, the foundation represent going old school there because, I know rob Schneider was born when the Cleveland Browns were just wrecking things in the NFL being the, NFL dynasty that, they were in the, nineteen fifties, I mean Freddie I I'm. Really enjoying, the moment that, the Cleveland Browns are the darling right, now not just the NFL. But sports and to your point The characters that we're seeing for the first time in. A while on HBO you know. Hard knocks which. I given up on on on on that thing two years ago and I told you that the first episode they will change it back and I got back in and you were one hundred percent correct because. I was, not, going, to give it a chance at all even though I love me some guy, wearing number six no, who dominated Oklahoma meaning Baker Mayfield But it is it is been hypnotic. The characters and storylines surrounding this team but to the, point, now where they are the darling Of the National Football League one and thirty one team, the last two years? To the point where they're getting they're. Getting bet up that up by the public with the wise guys. Like, what are you, doing you're not. Supposed to be doing, that we were the ones that liked. Him over five and a half now I mean now It's. Larry I. Love it love every bit of it.

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