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Invalid suzanne phan komo news police law restaurant is holding a fundraiser on october eight that it's locations in ballard and redmond they also have a you care online fund raiser is abc reported for the first time the us says its communicating directly with north korea abc's jennifer eccleston has details after meetings in china with premier shaking paying secretary of state rex tillerson said the us was not in the dark when it comes to dialogue with the north koreans tillerson said the us has direct lines of communications with pyonyang secretary called the situation with north korea a bit overheated and that if the reclusive country he wouldn't stop firing missiles that would count things down alive jennifer eccleston abc news london florida attorney general pam bondi wrote to the department of corrections quote our states should not become a country club for this convicted criminal end quote she mentioned oj simpson's criminal activity now mr simpson is about to be released from jail on parole and he has said that he wants to go to florida ford attorney general pair body wrote to the department of corrections quote our state should not become a country quote for this convicted criminal she met at simpson's criminal activity the added burden of his notoriety heightened risk she says he would place on the people of florida the safe department of corrections does have the authority to stop simpson all if an investigation finds that he does not meet certain criteria that's abc's kenneth moton komo news time nine thirty four let's check.

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