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Carrizo news station news station time is seven oh two i'm mark carlson arizona and texas are sending four hundred national guard members to the us mexico border by next week in response to president donald trump's call for troops governor ducey says about one hundred fifty guard members would deploy next week and the texas national guard says it will have two hundred fifty personnel there within seventy two hours defense secretary jim mattis has approved using defense department money to pay for as many as four thousand national guard personnel to perform border guard missions attorney general jeff sessions is ordering a zero tolerance policy aimed at people entering the united states illegally for the first time on the mexican border is directive tells federal prosecutors and border states to put more emphasis on charging people with illegal entry in the past it's been treated as a misdemeanor offense for those with few or no previous encounters with border authorities smugglers and repeat offenders are usually charged with more serious crimes are utah mother has her hands full with five tiny but mighty babies born right here in phoenix jamie scott says lily violet daisy logan and lincoln are healthy weighing in at about two pounds i feel so blessed when i look at each of their little faces in each of their little souls i can feel and it's it's quite a beautiful feeling scott and her husband and get to take their five little ones home to utah in about six weeks and now for a check on traffic here's mike gandules and he's live from the valley chevy dealers traffic center well good morning large areas setting to the avenues closed both directions being lower buckeye and buckeye road due to.

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