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And so that those are some of the things that I don't always think about when you talk about personal responsibility and being able to change your life. And and then you're like, okay, cool. I never saw it through that lens. But now, I kind of see it doesn't mean I'm going to change my message -sarily, but it's something to consider. Well, there's so much negativity online. It's hard to decipher what is. What is teaching me something what is the drunk guy who had three just fired off some random comment because he was upset from going out that evening, and then who who is actually giving you advice like, hey, you're actually wrong here. Here's the research to to show you that. I hope you take on this new development. It's like, it's it's difficult because everyone's just yelling at you all coming at you at the same time. And there's no context to any of it. And it's up to you to decipher what that is. And most of what's being said to be honest wouldn't be said face to face. They wouldn't come up to you that the grocery stores some of you suck. And you're like, wait what? So funny. He would never do that in person just to add to that the other stuff that's going on. And we were talking about this earlier as well age. And I of building this company for twelve years you've been doing the pike cast. How long did you say? So there's a lot of information that's going on out there. And so there's other things about you and your views, and where you stand that people don't agree with and because they don't agree with that. They're looking for other things the nit pick at you out as well. And it's like whereas these things coming from. So it's a it's it's so much feedback at it's coming from so many places at it's hard to decipher what it is an interesting space to be where you're you are creator. And you're putting your creation out into the robot ever that looks like, and you just, you know, don't you're living in a different place, for example. We're all in Los Angeles. And I feel like everyone who lives here kind of has like a very open attitude open. And then so you're surprised sometimes when you get blowback in a different place or from you. Kind of a different space that you had anticipated. And so, yeah, it's interesting navigating I enjoy it. But to your point when it's just cruel or disrespecting someone in my community, then it's just a lean van, right? And I think a lot of times in the influence our creator space. There's this perception that were perfect were infallible. And we do a good job of hiding some of our fallacies and inadequacies on social media. So sort of continues this path, but being open being vulnerable being honest about some of your struggles is really how you can connect with your tribe with your audience, and you had a very public break-up. And unfortunately, there wasn't a fair of all. And when when it comes to this side of the coin, you know this month, we've been focused on navigating relationships. We started them on talking about relationships in a new city moving into a new career and taking on more responsibility at work, and then talking about okay in our romantic life. When is the right time moving together, be exclusive how do we handle money? And what happens when we're drifting? Part. So today, we want to talk about what happens on the other side of things when the relationship that you thought was this amazing thing and even publicly outsiders are looking at it as saying this is incredible. But it isn't working out, and it has to end and unfortunately relationships do end. Yeah. I mean, it's it's so multifaceted. And so just to give everyone a little bit of background. I was married for ten years. And I was married to someone who I was actually in business with as well and be kind of came up together. So as Jill fit was building. So was his company metabolic effect. And I was working as well with me, and we were just growing our businesses. And you know, it was kind of like one of those traditional kind of like love stories like I can't believe I've found my person..

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