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Night that ended up getting wrong, but You win some, You lose some. That's that's exactly right. So, as you mentioned Zach, the Jaguars do have James Robinson and remember last year, he said, a rookie NFL record for the most total yards to the 1st 14 games of a career. Also signed Frasier running back Carlos hi to a two year deal this offseason as well. And in the press coverage after the first round, head coach Urban Meyer says the play with the crowded running back rooms to have Robinson and hide be the 12 punch. With each hand being used primarily as a third down back. John says you're offsides job was made the most head scratching pick of the first round and taking Travis Et en all sides. I didn't think they needed to go with the running back. I didn't think they should go with the running back. But he is a good palate. Trevor Laurence, you could talk me into it. Who had paid in Turner. In the first round. Who had Eric Stokes that ended up going to Green Bay paid intern and went to the Saints. Eric Stokes went to Green Bay who had those two guys go in the first round. And how about this one? The Raiders. Once again, they took Cleland feral it for May ox first draft. Then, last year, they took Henry rugs as the first receiver off the board. They shouldn't have done that. Then they drafted Damon Arnett, who was projected to go in the second round. Alex Leatherwood was No Backdraft predicted to go at 17 overall. Most Haddon Second round, like where we are right now, the Steelers were on the clock with the 55th pick. It could be a good pick. It's a position of need, but to do so at 17. Yeah, that's a big head scratcher, but it kind of fits the script and what it's been for Mike Mayock in these dressed so I will not say That the Jackal has made the most head scratching pick of the first round and taking Travis Etienne offsides. Offside Number four Quatro as their legal Harris makes his way to the stage to go introduce the Steelers pick. Yes, wait. He just wiped his mouth with the terrible towel. I think. Uh, well, I guess his mask is the terrible towel is that with a two on one, so he was taking off the mask, which was the terrible tied, thought he was waving it in and just wiped his mouth ago. That's not what the terrible Talyn supposed to be used as that's a pretty all those. You're pretty cool Mass. The terrible towel masks. There you go. Yeah, Not bad. Right? Alright, bad what we got. So as you just mentioned before his act agreement Packers were the center of attention on draft day yesterday, as Adam Schefter reported the Aaron Rodgers told the organization he wants out then later on in the draft at pick 29. To be exact. The Packers drafted Georgia Corner, Eric Stokes. By passing on a receiver yet again now, just twice in 2000 and three of the Packers drafted disco position.

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