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With none other than JR, Jim Ross is the voice of wrestling and of course our co host on grilling JR. How are you tonight? Mister Jim Ross. Oh, good. I'm good. I'm having a little beverage in my JR's copper mug. Tell me. Are you a big fan of those copper mugs? Yeah. Everyone else is too, and you can get yours. Are they on box of gimmicks? Is that where we can get those? You can get them at JR's BBQ dot com. There you go. That website. Yeah. That I talk about endlessly and nauseam. I always want to talk about that website. All I want you to do is go over there and look. You guys found a nice stocking stuffer for the rest of yourself. How about that? You actually get a gift of resting or in a gift that you wanted. That is the truth. There you go. Yes, there you go. For my birthday, a couple of months ago, I ordered myself a huge, I'm talking about it had to be a case of the original barbecue sauce. It was on the floor of my pantry because there's not room on the shelves for that many barbecue sauces, but it is so good guys. Try it once, and you'll keep coming back. You'll buy it thinking it's a novelty or a gimmick. It's not it's delicious. You're gonna love it. But this is ad free shows. And here I am just plugging away on this barbecue sauce and those mugs. That's how we do Lopez. What do you have for Jim Ross tonight? Well, Lauren, as always, thank you for hosting, looking fabulous this evening, by the way. Thank you very much, sir. JR is an absolute pleasure to get the chance to visit with you. Had a chance actually my daughter and I we went to full gear this past weekend or dash was a two weekends ago now. Did you wear a coat? I did. It was cold. That snow was a pleasant surprise. I had one nipple fall off. It's somewhere bouncing around and downtown Minneapolis. I haven't. Nobody's turned it in, so I don't know what else happened. Did it get on the blue line or green line transit? I don't know. Check. I don't know. I think it popped off when I was running across the street from the arena to the hotel. All the time, Jim, what are we gonna do? I don't know. I don't use mine. I don't need them. I'm good. I just wanted to cover it here and say that it is an absolute pleasure talking with you because I grew up in as many did in the 90s. I actually pursued a job at career in broadcasting, so you inspired me to pursue that. I was play by play for multiple sports, got to cover the junior college World Series there. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. And it's good to know that for as much as you've accomplished for as much as you've done and seen that you still take even mispronunciations to heart that it matters that much to you. Well, I want to be you want to be you want to do your job right. And it's just, I'm sure I've mispronounced words, my entire career. Every broadcaster that you're going to listen to this weekend doing football will mispronounce something. A round down in distance, the wrong tackler, whatever. And it's just shows that we're human and you're not working with a script. So everything's extemporaneous. It's just a big OS ad lib. And then sometimes my mind is rolling faster than I can talk and then Daniel Bryan Danielson as I should call it. You know, I'm calling the other name forever. I was headed to a relationship we signed him. And sent into Shawn Michaels camp. So it's just a hard break. And I'm concentrating. I'm not, but I love the cannon fodder, provides for 7 naysayers, who said, man, he's got to retire. It's just embarrassing. So I was out of embarrass me, I'm Google, and I don't think that that hasn't happened. It's good to see. It matters a lot to you still and, you know, hope to have that same passion many years from now is as I get done hopefully towards the end of my career one day. So thank you so much for being an inspiration and thanks for all you do. You bet, man. Just keep Logan what you do. And that really helps you along the journey. And I'm going to write another book, it looks like an offer deal for publishers about my 50 years in wrestling, which will be I got into 74, so it's 2024, a couple years. And above ground, that's what's going to happen. So I should be fine. But I never stopped loving what I did. Even in the oxen, no money and long car trips, stinky ass rest for smoking in your car, cigars, weed. And I was the driver, so I was off limits to all that shit. But it killed my car. It was the smell of pool hall. And they didn't care. They were begrudgingly pink too mounted right in. And then someone would try to beat you out of that. I'll get you tomorrow to answer. Sure you will. So anyway, but anyway, if you love what you do, seriously. That's how that way across the board and what we do for living..

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