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When it's done the same. The funny thing is that it was mathias. In you know these people were were very like nato the wartime ulm we're employment groups in wartime construction groups. They're not go ahead and use them all and the literally just more or less forced into using them and so the original plan for oak ridge call for thirteen thousand. People live there in the consideration of towns and whatnot and minor cities and forties. That's a decent sized city. It's nothing like you know. Raleigh or california. Some of the season is by the after three years they are already at seventy five thousand and so the construction of the area or does that mean a lot of the stuff was just hastily built and thrown together. I mean so. It didn't pay fruits at the time. So was this like people were aware of growing city or it was just like the government was kind of notifying people. Hey move to these cities so the way to get into the city. Because if he were recruited by the government they wouldn't know about it The people who really knew about oakridge more knoxville people who've knoxville tennessee. And i'll get into later but they are very much. They just knew that there was a cd out there or a military complex and they were taking all their ship and they were always beating them a chess tournaments in highschool these fucking oak ridge. Kids down smart sexually construction started. They had three forms of housing archie. Technically four and i'll get to the fourth one here in a minute. So the first one was dormitories and apartments and within the first year they had over three three thousand houses built and they had they don't they group them into almost like suburbs. You had housing complex housing complexes sinner of like almost like a small town hall and sydney sydell center in these housing complexes and when they first started they had three dormitories and roughly twenty seven hundred houses built by the end of the war. The toys alone number eighty five forty four. When you were sitting this up like you know. Last time we talked to you. I was imagining like You know fifteen cabins like demands. Maybe a mess hall balloon city. Damn this air in the seventies that the suburb blah. That i talked about they were like these guys knew about ridge at that point and were like we're crash into a nuclear reactor. It made sense for me after. I did my research on like the hijacking a few weeks ago. Oh it's a city but like vertu growth that bulking quickly and just a matter of what you said a year or two three three years. Jesus they had. They had eighty two new dormitories apartments in under three years. I ve infrastructure was so bad there that they didn't have paid through and it was all mind that was actually things that everyone no matter. All the other shitty things that had happened was that hype mud that that is just not built. Like four cabins is here. Just focus on paving our roads through logs in the road. Anything grapple bodies whatever the The sidewalks plagues essentially never muddy. Wouldn't it sounds like a like. Oh fuck what. Is it not waco but it sounds like a really shitty colt more like a really low funded cult i shared on the american government. Little bit let. Let's look at near russian version of their nuclear cities worse. They use political prisoners and forced labor cities. At what point the government control what it was the prisoners like there was a constant. They were starving people in the streets. There was a lot of death from starvation in the military force. They're they're bared could be considered a ghetto for less. Meanwhile these damn americans would like step in mud. I did you know miracle crappy crappy shit with know segregation and whatnot and today get the russians. They killed everyone from bill. Hey we don't talk bad about the. Us government on this show is non pressure points so the rachel plan is going to be a cd had one area for african americans and the other area for caucasians. Well the city was grow. I grew so fast. The swiftly abandoned that and said yeah. I knew african americans to live outside the city and commute she. She's also we're not gonna give you a bus. You fuck even get buses and whatnot but more or less but instead of you can live inside the fence outside of. We'll give you a bus but you have to sit in the back of it and there's no air conditioning. It's really you really bumpy road. Good old nineteen forties america so There were three types of houses. You could get type house. Aide type c type dean tech house. Be and all of them. Were type of anyway. It was really small and that type house. Diva was really big. So going from a lot larger. He's basically on houses. Everything was pre everything was prefabbed and connected on site at bridge. And the way that you like where you was decided on three major factors. The first one was your family size. So if you're just there by yourself you live in the dormitory. If he had a wife you might live in the dormitory. You might live in an apartment. Then the second was your mulholland actually Yes city so like your position in the facility. If you were just a lonely janitor you'd almost be in with your family or a small apartment with your family team. Were important important. Task was not better position. Lived in such as like if you were higher up. Maybe nuclear engineer. You live in houses and depending on your family size that would determine where you would live in. What type house you again. The the third factor was race. If i'm just about to make a joke like and if you weren't white.

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