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Cannot reason with them. They see our pleas for fairness like you would imagine a segregationist. They believe that once we're gone the internet and therefore society will be cleansed free peaceful and able to heal from us. I say us. Because we're not the ones defining our place in this world. We aren't white supremacists or nazis or bigots or violent insurrectionists but the powerful of segregated society into good and bad and they're strict and narrow worldview as placed us. Here we are innocent but it doesn't matter to them. They hate what they imagine we are. They cannot be persuaded otherwise. You can't convict convince them. You're a good person and wrongly categorized. The only people with influence have made up their minds and they don't care to change it. The only option is a steady civil rights movement to make it illegal step by step to do this to us. They won't voluntarily stop. They think they're heroes of the story. Fighting for the good of humanity each remaining. Gop leader must begin now with legal action now. This means adding political affiliation to anti-discrimination law in red states. I think he understands that in blue states where where democrats are in control. You're not going to be able to get this done. So start locally in red state where you can make it happen at least keep speech in some states in some areas but goes on. We no longer have the luxury of arguing against the idea. Protected classes we are now a marginalized group. While that's true. You need to accept that and believe it. This is a civil rights movement. If you think you're exempt from this because you didn't vote for trump or you defend businesses with royal. They have a right to your just not paying attention. You don't define your status. It's imposed onto you just like every prior targeted group. You're a minority. Now how powerful is that. Yeah so true and This guy chad felix green. He is a married gay man who wrote a book called without context evaluating the anti lgbt claims against the trump administration. He took the time to actually go through them and and show that yeah this garbage these these charges against the trump administration. Not just not just a married gay man. He's a married gay trans man. Oh wow and did you. Andy's jewish so suffered this guy knows discrimination right exactly he. He recognizes when freedom is being threatened. Thank you for being intellectually honest and taking the time to write that thread chatfield screen He's got more to you. Targeted york targeted for what you believe who you're associated with. Be very clear your very existence. You cannot change that fact. This has been applied to you enough bickering over the philosophical nuances. You're a marginalized minority. Now i mean that's brilliant and so true and we have to understand how dire the situation is so he says the first step is adding political affiliation to anti-discrimination and hate crime laws because the left targets us for physical violence create the legal framework to force businesses and co and corporations to defend their discrimination policies. Force them to second guess them. I mean this seems like okay everything. Conservatives don't want to do we don't want more laws we don't want more special interest groups we certainly don't want to be special interest group yet we are because they placed us here and we don't have time we don't we have jobs. We have families to feed. We don't have time to go and stand on the street or go to court or go up through each circuit until it gets to the supreme court and it's on national news and none of that's working. You had a pet head this morning in the tag me in this tragic story of this young man is twenty years old. Has a dream job with a company looked company up. It was like a. I don't know it's a private jet company in their contract with the carolina hurricanes national hockey league team So someone from the carolina. Hurricanes saw that this kid has worked in the trump administration on some. I don't even know what it was. It means twenty years old. It can't be that somehow he's connected and trump well. His employer done get pressure from the hurricanes that it is and then they reached out to him before he was about to fly to raleigh to the carolina hurricanes and work with them directly the night before his flight. He got a call. he was terminated. Fired sorry we can't have you part of the team you know. The trump thing makes the carolina hurricanes uncomfortable. So this devastated. He's absolutely devastated. Tweet this it's a it's a. It's a heartbreaking thread so political affiliation must be had to all of the anti-discrimination precisely. What what Chatfield screen is saying. They're amazing it's amazing. He further puts a fine point on this. He says look. You're now in this group. You're in this minority group now your entire online life your online com communication digital currency. Your job your healthcare. Your access to the world all depends on this. It's not just twitter. It can be taken from you for nothing more than a photo or an association. You can't compete with that so it's time to legally fight back. That's great stuff. And that's exactly what dan and pennsylvania was seeing yesterday and we had the story about the national association of realtors. Oh yeah you tell some off color joke or something. Lands wrong with somebody. You're done then goodbye. You have no job. You have no career because you have no access to the mls listening which they have to have as part of their livelihood so at least on twitter. This threat is still available from Viewing screen and you just re tweeted that at pat unleashed. If you want to check that out. I will re tweet the story of the kid who lost his job. His dream job Because some snow flake that works in the offices of the carolina. Hurricanes doesn't like the fact doesn't like the fact did he say the inward online no doesn't like the fact that he is associated with the trump administration and some low level. Way mean. this is exactly what lincoln project is doing. It's unbelievable it's really unbelievable. I'll give you another little example of that. It's not political. But it's it's It's pc stuff Byu just lost a couple of their coaches to baylor. Which by the way. That's a step down boys because Byu's football program far superior to baylor always has been always will skip down for you. Sure you're making more money because there are so called power but it's a step down anyway One of the coaches wanted to take the offensive line coach with him Who now is it roy. But he was at. Byu two years ago he went for byu last year to troy to become the offensive coordinator. So jeff grimes. Who's leaving going to baylor offered a this offensive coordinator. This offensive line coach Ryan pugh a job to come with him to baylor so they hired him and then a few hours later they found something in his in his past and immediately said yeah we're rescinding our offer. You're no longer welcome here. What terrible dirty laundry. They find pen. It's well i shudder to even think was it that he beat up a girlfriend in college. Now this happened eleven years ago. Whatever it was in his past was eleven years ago in two thousand ten. So did he beat up a girlfriend. Did he rob a bank or a convenience store. that'd be bad. yeah it would. Did he commit manslaughter. Maybe in a bar fight. I would be worse. No something far more heinous than that at a costume party for halloween. He put on black face. He should run for prime minister canada. That's that's prerequisite z. Should i think that's on the checklist of of of marketable skills. Have you dressed up multiple times in black. Forget about working ever again. Sorry you get work anymore. Is that crazy. I mean you can't give. The guy was nineteen years old when he did it. He's in his thirties. Now he's got a family now. He's a responsible human being. He's not doing that kind of stuff anymore. does that forever need to taint him. And keep him from From great jobs in his career to just so stupid the so ridiculous wants to head off the angry mob chanting around the stadium right. Yes and that would happen to them and losing sure what time donors to the program right rather than defending the guy and saying look. We're giving them a second chance okay. It was eleven years ago he was dumb. It was a stupid thing. Everybody a lot of people did those stupid things back. Then jimmy kimmel still working on the areas knee and so jimmy fallon. Both of them have done four. More egregious things in black face than ryan. Pugh the offensive line coach A just who's lady at the view. I use the term lady and the together first time. are you talking about. We'll be goldberg. Joy joy dressed up to diana. Ross or something that's right but but see their democrat but she hates trump's. Okay yeah by the way. I don't want to forget this. You're talking about educate your children on the history of communism and so proud of my seventeen year old daughter. Azlan.

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