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You. Know what it's not is the funny thing like. If you go back to what you're taught in journalism school, you're not taught to grovel at power. In fact, there's many professors who I had who spent a lot of time trying to convince us to not grow at the altar of power and I think of my classmates many of them who do not go into journalism like straight up left and and. And didn't didn't try to have a career in it. And certainly there's folks that were never going to fit into the into the media world and there's then there's some people who are very much in mainstream media and in the problem is pervasive throat, but I think that you see the the worst in the hands of management in the hands of the folks that have power because you know. When you talk about racism anywhere, it's always a question of power, and so like to ask the fucking RCMP's their systemic racism in the RCMP like. Of course, there is like that's a bastion of power, just like there are systemic missile miscellany as we know broad wide scale. sexual assaults that have happened within the like it's a systemic Cesspool of shit obviously, and so, what? What School of Journalism Does Rosie Barton's study at to then ask the fucking chief commissioner of the P. is the richest immigration rather than. Well Sandy. You had several alternative questions that they could've asked her and there's a reason that they that they didn't and I. Hope that you can talk about some of those questions, but before we get to that I think that the situation with Wendy Mosley is a really good example of someone who's. Very high profile figure at the CBC is one experience with with Mesler where she fully told one of the guested like what to say in an answer to be less left wing. And yeah, yeah, it was the only interview I did with the CBC in the aftermath of the Humboldt situation and it was very weird. It was like a practice round, and he answered the question to like whatever it was, and she said Okay when when we're recording, you can't say this you have to. You have to say something more like this. Because what you said was to left left wing was to advocating for a left wing perspective, and so you know that kind of thing is normal at the happens within the mainstream. But. It's not normal such that that's how it should happen, and that's not what you're taught to do, and I know a lot of folks. The CBC who I mean I've told that story of people and they were horrified to hear that even happened not to say like Oh. Yeah, that happens. All the time were like what the fuck, but but Medjlis, Mosley's a main person and she. She was until she said a word that cannot be said and was suspended. Well as you say that I was on facebook this morning, and what? What has been interesting and kind of great about this moment? Is that a lot of people who are in journalism? Especially Black folks were in journalism right now in Canada have been talking about their experiences and talking about it publicly which is. Quite risky, and so you know are are taking this huge leap to talk about their experiences and one of those people is someone name. Lincoln Anthony Blades I hope he's okay with talking about this on the air. He made the his post public and he's. He said the same thing like so. He was a regular contributor. On CBC. On the same program as Wendy, Mosley and he speaks about how he responded to. Issues back in twenty sixteen talking about. Anti blackness or responses to black lives matter and so on, and she said okay. We've got to re re record this part because you can't say that. You cannot say that and so. That's I guess that that's just I. Mean who knows if that's happening? How many issues that's happening four but clearly? There are gatekeepers. that. Control how we talk about race in Canadian media because Lincoln Anthony Blades. Who is you know meant to be the black guy on these panels as he as he acknowledges in his post. And the weirdness that that comes with and even your situation when you're talking about humbled, you're talking about of course race, and how we how we understand tragedy. When we consider race and so. God it's just. I mean it's know you expect these things because it's obvious that that kind of thing is happening I think that's what's kind of. Dare I say surprising. It is a little bit surprising, even though it's not that surprising, it is a little bit surprising to me. Quite how avert? They can be about it at the level of the CBC. And, feel safe doing it continuingly continually time and again, and for these stories to be coming out now years later suggests a huge systemic problem in this in the CBC. Not just the CBC you know this is happening. All across Canadian media so. But fook one of these examples I. Think was perfectly encapsulated by this piece that rex. Murphy managed to get through. the sensors guess at the National Post and so he has this piece. I didn't read it. 'cause the guy's a fucking crank and Shit writer, and I don't have time for shit writing, but He essentially says that the that racism candidate doesn't exist. That's an liberal invention, and of course he means like illiberal liberal, because he really hates party Canada and is giving them too much credit manisha. Krishnan at vice got a hold of a recording. Did you see this? Keep talking I think I'd okay, so she got yes, no I. Definitely did I know what you're talking about. Continue says she got a hold of a recording of a meeting with. Management and journalists who were pissed because there are lots of journalists who are completely pissed that this that this ran. Because of course it calls into question the credibility of their newspaper and it's it's racist and it's it's. It's an attack. A personal attack Parwana that paper WHO's not wait. At that paper at the whole chain, that's not white and and basically what happened was the ball was dropped between the editor of the opinions page and the editor in chief, and it just ends in just brand as it was an edited, and it's just like one of these stories really yeah, of course because you don't fucking actually care like his, you want rex, Murphy to say Dumb Shit and that's what his. His job is and so you don't care if he says something completely ridiculous, but the thing that that makes me the most enrage. Is that on one hand? It's easy to make this issue like a generational issue. Where like we just have to wait for a whole bunch of people to die, and then all of a sudden, the system's going to get better like just defacto because there's going to be less old racists. These shows less people being gatekeepers. But it's also a self perpetuating issue because in the situation with with rex, Murphy like ignore the fact, that Murphy's a fucking dinosaur. The editor of the opinion pages Matt Gurney who's our age and Sandy I don't know if you remember Gurney, but the first time that I came across him was I think probably the first time you came across as well where we were filming something at MTV, I did something MTV. I don't think I did. Are you sure? I don't remember this I did. You may not have. You may not have been on the panel I feel like he must have been in the room because it was like we needed everyone in their in their best friend to be there, so they had this panel of of two youth who are opposed to the G, twenty and two youth who were for the G. Twenty. And, it was pathetic because the whole room is like, why would we boys two billion dollars in the G. Twenty? Like this whole thing? You arrested a lot of people. It was oppressive, was destroying our rights and the two people they had arguing in favour was mad, Gurney and Robin Herbeck. Oh My fucking God. Right, so that's what happens where a decade ago when you're a boot licking piece of shit, fucking asshole in sucking the fucking teat of all of these `gate-keeping piece of Shit Racist, and then you find yourself editing, the opinions page at the National Post, which of course was a job, they both. So and of course, robin went onto the CBC where she post a lot of bullshit under CBC opinions, not the least of which was a lot of racist shit as well and now, of course, she's reading opinion at the Global Mail so. The IT IS NOT GONNA be slow change that that that takes this white supremacist reality out of are over media..

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