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Lot of videos about Syria et CETERA. But this one got three million views so I chopped the down to about a minute and a half so we can get her take And she grew up partially grew up in In Iran and is now an American citizen. I'm in Iran watcher. I'm in Iraq watcher. I'M A serial watcher. I'm an Kanazawa watcher. And for the people on the ground they don't hate America they don't hate Donald Trump. In fact there's a lot of training hashtags right now from Iran on twitter. Thank you trump. We thank you. Thank you for her Sulejmani. Thank you go. Look for yourselves and people in Iran are happy and they're giving out in the Middle East. It's cultural practice when something wonderful happens when there's a marriage when there's a celebration you give out cookies. You make cakes and you should see the videos. Does that are coming out. People are baking cakes. People are giving out cookies and public in the streets. Because they're happy. I mean I don't know do we. Do we live in a closed society that we don't know that most people in the Middle East are not free specifically in Iran Islamic state. There's no freedom of religion. There's no freedom of speech there's no freedom of peaceful you know protests and for anyone who disagrees with the regime. They're arrested there jail tortured end. Yeah there's a lot of video coming out right now about you. Know the the funeral of Awesome Sulaimaniya. It's so much propaganda you guys. The regime has been saying death to America for forty years. They forced us in school to say death to America. I was seven in years old. I didn't know what I was singing. And the people that are like saying that right now they're called the best. CG They're like they're getting paid. They're the ones they get paid to kill people on the street. So yeah they're going to say death to America but that's not the people the majority of the people in the Middle East. Don't hate America. They don't hate Donald Trump and I'm probably knows a lot a lot of friends for saying this but thank you Mr trump for making a very hard decision and for having the moral courage to do something that probably a lot of world leaders in my experience with Iranians or as they as they prefer to be called Persians Certainly in Los Angeles when I lived there I yeah I knew a number of them but also Lexus wife She's Iranian. They go back and forth to Tehran a lot And she she she tells me what's going on and it's the same message you know it's like and they also always feel that America and the regime are somehow in cahoots route and are always working on schemes together. Now that's just the population who feels that way but then you know there's always something behind it there's is always something behind these especially in the Middle East misery Middle Easterners in general all the different cultures and countries. They're very gossipy and they yes they are and they tend to come up with these sorts of analysis to not dissimilar to ours in many cases and a lot of it is right on the money honey because it gets verified that because there are so open about discussing this stuff behind. Everyone's back so so what would be next on. I mean there are other other evidences that we are working with them. Oh lots of it. Oh by the way. BBC Now reporting BBC reporting that CBS news is reporting that US televisions agents intelligence says a satellite detected infrared blips of two missile launches followed by another blip of explosion therefore saying saying that Iran mistakenly shot down the Ukrainian plane. There goes the earthquake machine theory. Well it doesn't explain the earthquakes Earthquakes happen to blitz with ABC's so when into Sag zig enter who knows who decided that there is a there was a blip of showing a missile to blips in hitting two blips Bang Bang followed title by another blip. I love these these technical explanations. Little Blip Glitch. Yeah exactly so if you look at the cycles if you look at the cycle of Iran were about due for a for a regime change for saying why why would they do for rebels ation. Why would they Mistakenly shoot down this thing. What planes do they think we're flying around? You had not a town. That were what they think was an American jet. What were they thinking? It was a mistake. Jake this is the reporting. It was a mistake. oops you know sometimes. Things are very unfortunate bad day record as we say in you think that was true quote unquote mistake. There was somebody on that plane that they had to Yeah I'd ideal. I did get the passenger manifest when I saw every name but I do nothing I would recognize. I have no idea. You're a running names now but that that is obviously something that we would look at a day records what I see so so far but you say they're due for Russia's Asian I I don't think so we're not going to rebel is Iran at all eventually we have to know maybe oilfields fields. But you cannot rub allies. No no I just don't see that happening. They could. They realized everything else. Wise Ron Iran. Getting getting ask. Iran has been our buddy in the past. They've done a lots of Libya behave. Yeah I know it's it's bad actors that makes these decisions. So hopefully we're not going to rub. Is Iran. What I would be hoping for is another October surprise hostage situation? This is the year to do it. That's what I'd be looking at. A cycle will actually. This is not a year to year to do it would be In twenty twenty four. Because because they when they did it and I thought Oh no you're right you're right because it was Carter's first go round. They had the it rid of him and averted. This would be an attempt to get rid of. People wouldn't vote for male but they can't because he's such a loose cannon. Nobody knows what he'd do. And it's not like Carter. They knew is going to win out but we all know that you know. The deal was made to intentionally delayed the release the hostages so it would benefit Reagan. Yes these are. The types of these are the level of deals that can be done with Iran. And I'm sure that that could come in handy depending on what happens with or something of that ilk gets going. We can talk about that in a minute. But let's I have one more clip about trump and his little chat and the only reason I wanNA play because I haven't a deputy F- attached to it would this is at seven second clip trump talk on WTI military spending ending. The American military has been completely rebuilt under my administration at a cost of two point. Five trillion dollars. Yeah I called that number Knbr as well and I actually expected some outrage. I didn't read any outrage about that. None which is like how much who's who's giving them meet at me can't even think for themselves on any of these things that can't ridicule him for his tolerance zing and they can't talk about this this number which is what is he talking about about. He's been in office two years. Put in seven hundred billion dollars each year for the military Which is one point? I mean if you add the two together which is not rebuilding. That's just maintaining According to him that's one point four trillion. So how's he gets huge number. I don't maybe that's the the the two trillion that Rumsfeld couldn't account for I don't know do we still have that classroom Rumsfeld's pockets Rumsfeld. We couldn't find that was wasn't that the day before Nine eleven that he said that yes. This is Wait a minute. How much did trump say? That's very interesting. How point four trillion? I threw plenty and Seven seconds for peace groups right. That's the wrong one we go. The American military has been completely rebuilt under my administration. The cost of two point five trillion dollars point five. Now let's listen to Donald Rumsfeld just before nine eleven two thousand one the day before nine one one secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war not on foreign terrorists adversaries closer to home. It's the Pentagon bureaucracy. He said money wasted by the military poses. A serious threat. In fact it could be said that it's a matter of life and death. Rumsfeld promised Change Enj but the next day the world change in the rush to fund the war on terrorism. The war on waste seems to have been forgotten. Komo three budget calls for more than forty eight billion dollars in new defense spending more money for the Pentagon when its own auditors admit the military not cannot account for twenty five percent of what it already spends according to some estimates we cannot track two point three trillion dollars in transactions. Close enough pretty close. Two point three two point five. Who knows it's all a big rip off once we get a little rip off in have you so you can support the military but you? You don't have to support just squandering money. And what did he go towards. I mean I I saw the National Defense Authorization Act I I think they went to face force. That's where the money went. By the way there are two producers of this program. The no agenda show. Why have confirmed are now in space force? Oh really yeah I think I heard about one of them. One of them's pretty high up in the launch area and another one is in the bowels That's that's just the ones I know but space forces the real deal man. It's the real deal so yeah two point. Five true in the seems like a lot out of money. I I know that what we appropriate seven hundred fifty billion dollars seven hundred plus yeah So where to come from. There's there's there's money money two point five trillion come from Reich's. CIA's money took that money back from him by the way very interesting ever. Since you had the guy on from the Quincy Institute. Yeah everybody showing up everywhere. There's articles every me just opinion. The Quincy Institute the Hypersonic Missiles Are Game Changing. This is a maybe maybe these guys are the new war the War Power College. Whatever people behind it right Let me wait. Let me guess. I guess you won't get the correctly. Sora is one of them I actually I did see this. I collect glit- brothers. Oh yes I did. See this Soros and coke brothers. Yeah to fine war outfits right there. Wow All winding the quincy institute so whenever you see someone from the Quincy Institute. Do you know where it's coming from where they're like that one please and then just a reminder John Kerry's daughter is married to the son of one of I think the Finance Minister.

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