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And i feel like if he mixes it up and keeps you know makes volkogonov gas about what's coming at him he's going to go for the take on. Is he gonna work from the clench. Is he going to you. Know easy. Going to just strike on the author. I think he's gotta keep talking ski guessing because if he just turns into a striking fight with just a kickboxing fight. Could brian ortega win. Sure he's got that kind of ability. We saw his last night with the korean zombie. But i think you're taking a lot more chance in that kind of a fight. I think if he goes out there and maybe even pulls guard just tries to mix things up and make vulcan hausky. guess it. what's coming with him. I think he's got a better chance. But i still lean towards vulcan ski to win. I think that even though he had to really close fights with max holloway the second one more than the first one. You beat max holloway. You're a damn good fighter. Invoke off ski is a beasts. He's a monster again. I think it's gonna take a special kind of guy to beat him but if ortega's going to get the job done i believe he's gotta mix it up. He cannot be one dimensional in this fight. I agree with you in the sense that brian ortega needs to mix it up and i think i do believe we saw that in his last fight like you said it gets crean zombie. He is growing. I see his striking as i studied film for him. Ics striking getting better and better except one great thing about a striking is. He's never been scared. He's always been gained. He's always down. Stan the pocket and throw i mean being down against guido pushing forward putting his chain endanger landing that knee knocking them out. The kid has the right mentality and now he's getting better and better than his striking. I believe he's been working a lot of noise with kevin ross. Who's a really good way. Tie american tie fighter as well. I think that showed in his last fight against the korean zombie. What i do love switching from conventional to south pole. I feel i can stance has changed a little bit too. Is a little bit wider longer. And using his rate sticking his jab out. You know luring people in you know. I think standing southall will take that inside. Kick that vulcan. He loves to do against the conventional fighter. He loves to really measure up with that insight. Tick and then fire back with hands us. That insight kick to measures guys up to close at distance. If you stand south ball you still have a inside kick but that is to me. The kickers advantage ryan. If i'm brian ortega i'm standing southpaw. I'm i'm tapping on what my job. I'm landing big kicks from the outside. I'm landing teeth on landing by this guy. Tries to close the distance and i'm doing straights followed by uppercut to make sure i can Neutralizes level changes. And i am threatening the take down. I think he could get it done on his feet th and take downs on there as well. I'm leaning towards. Brian ortega winning this fight. In my opinion. It's a really compelling match and i think that it all i think a lot of depends on how are you. It's weird to say this. I think it depends on how. Brian ortega approaches. If he approaches it the right way i agree. He can absolutely get the job done. And we'll be talking about an new the end of the night But again i think it depends on how you approach if he just goes out their hands walking out skating. That's a dangerous game to play Because walkin oscar does pack a big punch and you know we know tough that guy so yeah this is a really. This is a really close right. I'm leaning towards volkan. Obviously you got ortega. We'll see which one of us is right after. Ufc two over. Gil before i let you go. You're always a very busy guy at the scrap. Packer always coaching. How're things. what are you up to these days. You know the gym. We just relocated south san francisco. You know it's been crazy time here in california but you know. Our spirit is high. Here we have a great group of people Training you know my wife's competing she's fighting hopefully is some good news for her soon. all my teammates are getting down. I have some young people are are really coming up and You know a hydra mail coming up as well and i'm in the gym. I'm in the gym. Stained busy trying to stay young with all these guys staying healthy and helping my team out. i love. I love martial arts. I'll be doing to the day i die. I know. I know you've always found a passion for coaching you. When you were in the thick of your career as you champion you still coaching work with guys. I know that it's been a kind of a lifelong passion for you. Is teaching the next generation of martial arts and it sounds like you're very much still influencing that with your working at describe. Pack doing all the things you do. I know i know you love being a coach. Yeah i love him. And i love the i love. 'cause was man. I love my dream at first and high school was. I'm going to graduate. High school go to college Be a high school teacher and coach wrestling. So i can just wrestle all day Essentially do that now. But now i don't have to teach school. I just train all day and and how people with it It's definitely my church there. It's helps my you know my mental wellbeing and it keeps me healthy. Keeps me young and Yeah man it's it's it's a great little community we got going on there and and I think that's what's really important. Besides spreading the knowledge you know we have a solid community and and You know trying to build people not just champions in the in the cage champions in life were percent one hundred so we'll gill and it's always a pleasure to catch up with you. I really do appreciate taking the time and joining me here. On the fighter versus the writer. thank you so much. Come out you gotta come back one of the best allison the game. You got a promise to come back and do it.

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