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I mean, you mentioned already Harvey how difficult it can be invited in these conditions, but in a vase, especially, you know, we have to read launch, you mentioned as well. We just down. Federal lines just being out there is it is it just surviving the fittest or hero. Sometimes it's just psychological. Right? So it's not actually done anything to track here. I think it's like definitely pretty wet track out. It's going to be difficult rice. I'm surprised they haven't stopped it like they stopped the seventies. So it can't be to buy out. I suppose the senior mini motos out next as well. That will affect them even more. Yeah, they'll probably be putting their wet. So right now, listen k. another thing is I don't believe this race was declared wet is only ace. Forty pros was declared wet, so all of them are wet. Now we've understanding all of them away. So maybe that's another reason why it went be stopped because he was already declared a wet race. We're not quite sure here war on how these he's pulled after twenty six point three seconds ago. So unless he decides to make a mistake, which I hope for his sake he doesn't which seems lapping seven seconds quick. He's only h here that will be explain where has in the minutes in the sixty sixty two seconds of the moment where show Mexico fifty. Eight point eight fifty eight point nine for Sam Clough's Jamie king also fifty eight point five all hosing into each other for full gear. Very close also side by side, which Williams fight through the traffic, don't forget as well. Jaime king. We expect him to blow up and quicker because he was further down. He crashed in these conditions was he Banham fifty, seven, seven. He's quickest on track Paul from which I was Williams flying mile. So push with him Cisco, the take it easy. We've seen in make a couple of uncharacteristic errors already this year with a lap and a half to go. Hopefully all will be okay for homes will how can just come across the line. Now, I think in all fairness, which times Williams and we'll out they're gonna finish is they are shore Whitaker in third place to me is going up Tom, Jamie king. Yeah, they're not lucky to similize minute hill. That's I, I three bike should be as they are with this to go and where rich time to return to hearing himself as look. I think what he's doing those looking just to see does he need to push anymore. Now, if he hasn't done that already out with his shot me because you can feel when you go in quicken maybe taking without circuit, so which I'm now he's knocking off a lily. Doesn't know she doesn't have to push too much charleena's before the around the outside of Darren under sitting nag game back after his uncharacteristic crash at turn one. But Richard Williams not wanting to get dicing with any traffic. He's almost a whole lap ahead of we'll how if we are following this rights, I believe we are will house starts his last lap. Now, showing Whitaker is Winston. Sean Waitakere is closing massively two point four seconds. I maybe I should be on the page. You mean more than maybe the question which Williams. That's dump fame cruising to the wind. So Richard him sakes, his first winning this class. This year will waiting for will house out where they will ensure Michio get over at the far side. The second coming down to the carousel now can show with you could get we'll house. He can definitely see him. We'll house he's running very, very slowly here, showing Whittaker as March, much quicker visionary way Lee quick as they come through turn seven downing to the SEC. Now the snake section, it might be a move lined up with a loss corner, showing risk of a second position he's going to have to try and pass will house. He's not gonna get it at the loss. Gordon might be run to the line. Sean is gonna try a nothing this time. We'll how does hold on a second. Bryce ahead to show with four will be Jamie king Naby goes had the same clouds. So despite not being of his data, any other points weekend, some clouds completes the. Top five water, weird rice..

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