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Nothing. Comes back. CUT It out you back to the future on. Serbs Yoi spoiling it, but now I'm going to watch for it and spray. You know so I'm looking over here, right? It'd be over here right watch. That's what happens. I'm guessing no. No guess over here is the left. It's just. It's. Struggling right hook. Was the over here, right I called it. Oh, they got a knock down a piece. They're trying to fight now all going at into the corner. At all on got his groove back jumping around going IOS going on me. Canvas he banged. His gloves together looked at his coach. I got on. The bus to Elmhurst instead I'm staying right here. Nine. Walk to his seat, like Oh go bodyshop Yo you. Walk back to stool. I mean sometimes. You GotTa Show Fuck you fuck to? He, he came back. He saved themselves because this is a four round. Fight a knockdown as proof detrimental, so he got out here. It's nine. Right did they do that nine? A tie right knockdowns for knockdown definitely. Home! You're both of them overhand right now. It's funny. How like everybody gets asked? If you get knocked down as a fight, you get asked like you'll okay. They just went back and said yeah right no problem. That check. So good. Good. And you're right. That was a back. Check hose. It Nice Angle, Bro! Raising, that was a nice angle y'all wendy, you ever expecting it from that angle and beautiful over Hambro. Hook from a from MOE. Drag on, put them and. Look at. Home! I The coolest last night. All Ear Inn Jawbone. He got a strong joy line to. He's still called that. He said he got a strong Joel. Look at my joy got a Jay. Leno jaw come on. We got a little chin. Chin, we're back in it. Brown too, and we'll probably the. He Jabber. He ain't got that same SPA. The blue knows looking at job. Compared to blue knows. Year but some reason. They looked like they had much more harder power. Week at eight. They pull in leverage on these punches man. Yeah, they look much more potent punches. Mad I'm trying to wonder modern. Own has a tattoo behind his hairline. Yeah! Go all the way around. It go around right. I really thought that was part of the haircut. Though it goes all the way around is seen. That's what I say. Wow, unlike is just on his neck to like it sticks out. Visible Turtleneck. 'cause he probably got a head tattooed to is probably only when shaves his head. You've got a fresh fade from rob. You're okay. Scientists combination punches bringing the. Lupine. Right hand from Montreal gone is just not good. Eric is so sloppy like he just drops his head in digs to the body. Yeah, that's what I'm saying Sanchez. Counter him again. It's not gonNA cut it. He's GonNa get caught throwing that stupid right hand he's. Shop. Mongolia's undefeated three zero to Cao's. By what I thought I thought you go with that. KNOCK DOWN! So more on legendary last name is the favourite. Last what I'd love to be called to read if I had last name like. Danny Sanchez is also undefeated with six wins to Cao's, and his last fight have been here in America so I mean I don't know Danny. Danny Danny. Got The goat. Someone's definitely gotta go. Play in Oh. Yeah you know I. Love The way they Moan that I won't steps in with that one, too, but he got caught last time with that fact, step left man you to knock on putting it on closed. Dance is right there. Drag on, did. You really stops on the campus when he throws those. Low. By motor only stepped in real. Nice with the right hook looks like it's been work. OVERHAND! It's like it's a different angle. You know what it is to Oh commercials. Cuddle right before the fight. I. Always I was always taught that. There's really no such thing as a right hook I mean, I know technically yes, there is such thing as a right hook, but I just most boxing gyms I've been to. They don't even counter intimates like one Jad, two straight three hook four right uppercut five left uppercut, and they don't throw that right hook in. The back cooked the way I tell my guys all the time to cook. You know it has less reach. It's it's better to use the cook on the inside because you're you're. You're guarantee and more liable. So you know especially on the South Pole which I am, it's such a weird like situation to for me to see like a right hook. It's very very rare. And, guess what's in seen a left hook is the same way so when you ask Boston that's why he stepped back, and he threw a left hook. You're right member, my first my first damage fight. That's how I got the guy. You, know to to you know. Wobble a little bit I step back and through. That left book. And I finished. You know, finish them but that you know enough enough of that though. Jesse Tessa Torey has name Joe Protests or Whereas his guy been besides a ESPN is, or he has always been Joe Justice or yes, he's worked for ABC he. The Olympics for whatever whoever was doing Olympics in the summer of. Twelve, two thousand twelve so yeah, he's. He's been around there back in the guys back in the ring..

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