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His name betty was really are first nerve it wasn't elizabeth betty davis's first name is ruth rooms are so elizabeth davis all the others the first names were elizabeth oh that's ridiculous let's quickly move on two reads question catherine the great how great catherine of aragon katherine howard and catherine par dimitris seeing a k no no so catherine howard was married to moe katherine power was married to jazz anthony rivera gone was me was mary shoe helium no i dunno repeat there will mount was except for katharine graham we are going with this answer since i really didn't have a clue but catherine the great was not one of henry the eighths wives that is absolutely correct ten points catherine the great is the only one not married to henry v eight so what was the thing he had for people name catherine i mean he's gonna cut their heads off i mean could have could have had a alice you know back also hack them a rolodex way eight hundred pounds and he was a lot easier to just changed last name perry.

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