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It's working so important and I just like was be- besides myself and so immediately what I did was I ran to the front door unlocked. I came into my room. I blow my candles. I plugged my oil diffuser. I was looking for my chemo bag. I thought I still had for some reason like a bag. Packed to go to chemo to hustled to get My ideas done my chemo done and I forgot like I'm not anymore. I don't have chemo anymore. The more I don't have a hospital bag packed on the ready. My will is not around. I freaked out and I'm in pain and I'm sweating. And then I felt my vertigo coming on because has that triggered by stress. I was freaking out you guys. My stomach hurts so bad finally about twenty minutes. It seemed like an hour but I think I think it was. Maybe like twenty minutes I was able to take a shower. And just call myself and I put my oil back on and I had had already like typed up a message put it and note so I could copy and paste to everybody so they knew where to find me and I just. That's what happens when you have. PTSD so I had a panic attack because in my mind I like freaked myself out or I was just exhausted or it was stressed out or just everything in general because it's it's been really stressful last couple of weeks. Because I was told I needed. Emergency Gallbladder surgery so like chemic- my life up So that's what happened with my panic attack over the weekend now going back to being sick when I was stuck in bed I immediately think I like like my in my mind. I'm back in Vegas back in my room. I'm hoping I'm not GonNa die when I close my eyes hoping I'm not going to do not say goodbye to my friends and you know all these like really dark thought I was. I started getting really depressed when when I went grocery shopping. I started getting my chemo foods. Like when I was going through Chemo I would always have certain foods and they would always have to be ready. They would either have to be like ice cold old or something that I could heat up and have a less like an always have an ongoing shopping list for certain things that I needed to have a my chemo bag. I needed to have with me all the time and I started started buying these things and I'm like Shit. I can't even eat that because I need whole grains or need whole wheat and so I got like variance but in my mind because I was so sick. I thought aww that I was like going through Chemo again. And I was like super sack where I could just died at any given moment. And that's what happens when you have have. Ptsd it's not fun. But I'm just realizing now because I'm going to therapy which also also share a about about a minute I know I had. PTSD and trauma and experiencing things like this. And I have been but it hasn't been until until recently where I actually realize it's like an outer body experience like I realized what I'm doing is because I they have. PTSD like for example going into survival mode. Like I'm really really good at that. Because that's all I knew and I'm a very very organized and strategic person so when it comes to sending my own life you gotta be the same and it was crazy like I was time I remain. I'm like Oh my God. I was going to call nine one one. My two friends who are far Mar.. I like open the doors is somebody can find me. I like unplugged everything. Blow my candle. Light it with the house to like blow up with my cantillon and I started taking coming out like my emergency. Less contacts wanted to access them in my phone. I unlocked my phone. Like all these crazy things I used to have done all the time. I did literally within a matter of a minute less than sixty seconds when I had my panic attack last weekend. What triggered it probably being so sick and pushing myself in stress arrest and everything else and freaking myself out and getting in my own head about the Goddamn Pizza? My gallbladder it was just insane. I didn't know I was having a panic. Panic attack until later. I thought it was my gallbladder and I don't even know it was just the craziest situation and that was just a wake up. Call call like you need to slow the hell down like knock it off and get your shit together because you only have one life and I don't know how many times have had to tell myself this but that it was just a wakeup call so super bowl Sunday. I just relaxed like I didn't drink. I didn't have any super bowl food. I didn't watch the game game and I just need to like be calm and be by myself and go to the dispensary and get my cdl. Because I was out for like three days I just could not Find his second to get there. That's priority because that is my medicine so I went there and I know the girl scouts were selling cookies outside the dispensary. So so how genius are they so genius so going back to being sick two weeks ago getting this like bronchial flow on all of that and then getting you know trying to get out of the sickness having a panic attack. How a heal myself and how I come out of these situations whether it's Zaidi panic depression? PTSD that trauma. How I am now healing and how I get out out of this is by breathing and by doing things that are calming and soothing and relaxing now for me? What that means is is not journaling in the moment journaling after the fact but I need to have certain lighting? That keeps me calm. I literally just bought on Sunday. LAVENDER avenue lighting for my room and red light therapy for my office. So it helps like with inflammation and productivity in the LAVENDER's very calming and soothing. That's just should I need in my life right now. I've been wanting to do that so I finally just did that Sunday. I need certain candles. I need certain smells so during the day. When working I have my oil diffuser on I have Lemon Eucalyptus? At night. I have lavender Eucalyptus. These are just things at work for me. Very structured word and organized and for for somebody that's gone through like such sickness in such A. I mean honestly I would say like with anybody in in general like when you go through something hard in life like what's GonNa make you feel better so this is why I'm sharing this. These are the things that make me feel better like my favorite sense that. Keep me calm Tom. Cotton of Lake Help recenter me. You know I liked to put oils in the shower and I do like eucalyptus and pink salt up baths things like that. Meditation is a huge one for me and now a couple months ago I started really getting into breath work so this is why I mentioned this servier. So couple of my clients are actually certified. With pause breath work and pause breath work was created by Memphis Galley who also missile created hungry for happiness. which a lot of my clients are certified in and so I mean they put in so many hours of training? It's unbelievable over one hundred hundred hours to get certified to become a breath work facilitator so one of my older clients crystal had done a zoom video. The Ohio breath work session with me and it was amazing. I have to tell you if you need her info let me now. Her name is crystal Halverson and what breath work does and also I do use the whim. Hof method APP. And if you're not familiar with Wim Hof it's it's W. I am Khaw H. O. F. F.. Please go home and look him up because he will change your mindset about so much shit shit life. It's unbelievable between cold bass ice water. Cold showers breath work breathing. Like just he's fought fought disease by getting it injected into him by breathing and being in cold environments in a number of other things. He was actually just on the Google lab on Netflix. As well and I think I spoke about that for a second on last week show But if you haven't watched the group lab on Net flicks which is says Gwyneth Paltrow's company. You need to watch that. It's so good. I think there's only six episodes but is very very good and so I've been following him for a while. And and one of my business coaches Jessie at slur which have mentioned a bunch of times on the show. And he's going to be on this show very soon He actually went and stayed with Wim Hof for an entire week with a whole bunch of other guys and all they did was just like realign and recenter themselves do everything everything for their mind body and spirit basically and then when you do that it just enhances your business in life right. So I'm drawn to these people because they're in my bubble there in my circle so I'm learning how to breathe and learning what it does so for me because I have vertigo and that's triggered from a couple of things and I get that sometimes just when I'm stressed will I started getting. I started triggering at when I was breathing because with breath work. There's there's all kinds of ways that you can do it. There's all different ways that you can breathe. There's different names. There's different structures. You can hold your breath for a certain amount of time. That's what I'm doing on the Wim. Hof method APP and then when I was working with crystal and shoe showing me how to breathe and what techniques certain ones I mean you have so much oxygen flowing my brain started like tangling weirdest feeling and I'm like oh I don't know if I can do that. One that's specific breath because I feel like my Vertigos GonNa come on. This is how intense breath is and I just am still doing a lot more research and I still can only do certain ones. There's so many different techniques each excuse me and when I first started doing it I would say like last spring I started a a couple months Sadako. Spring is like honestly almost a year away now so it was a while ago and it didn't do anything for me like I wasn't getting it so you really really need somebody to like help in coach you through it pause birth work in the womb Hof method I feel like two different formulas formulas and techniques which I like because I like to try different things. So that's what just that's what I'm doing Never highly recommend you research. Those I can put the names in the show notes for you and something else than I'm doing for my ptsd trauma. Is Evan going. Em Dr Therapy. And if you're not familiar with that it stands for I movement desensitization and reprocessing. I can never do that. Word desensitization and reprocessing so basically. It's side decide I side to side eye movements or they do it with hand tapping now because I had vertigo. No I couldn't be rolling my eyes everywhere so I've always done it with a hand. Tapping therapist does by tapping my hands so that has helped a lot. What with PTSD and trauma to get this far? But I honestly just needed to take a little break because when you have to picture yourself at this this is what I chose C...

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