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Trudinger sort of muscles aren't as his facial features are a big guy anything about his big and so i get it it works we just didn't need all the extra stuff and i feel like some of that has been sort of removed and i'm here for that so amber moon punches our ticket with a win over alexa bliss i will tell you this i worry that don't let alexa just continuously lose you know she is alternately going to be around for a very long time and you can already tell that she is permanently sort of a fixture so you know sometimes when somebody likes bliss doesn't have the title it's like they never wind so they find a way to weasel their way to the title and then once they have the championship they always seem to win but without it she never wins including losing m rio ember moon who's barely been on raw and now you can tell amber good for her is getting featured in a prominent spot in the money in the bank pay per view embers their alexis their charlotte's their natty punched ticket this week naomi punch to take this week becky lynch i believe is there all but one spot i think is filled in the women's money in the bank baron corbin gets a win over no way jose are we gonna talk about that match lot no way jose was gorgeous picture you took that wow alexa very impressed while done i look really hands on there it's kinda shocking chad gable dolph sigler okay dolphin drew mcintyre bump up bob drew hits the claim or kick on gable dana brooke version of talia verse live for sarah logan which led to that the mashed i got an italian to the bank included a nasty double clothesline with dana brooke and live morgan on the outside.

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