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Kboi news starts now this is tyler martin on six seventy kboi police have not finished the investigation as to what happened on saturday morning when a porsche crashed into a group of people out of car show boise police are talking to witnesses reviewing videos as well as collecting measurements from the crash site lieutenant charlie lebar says it's all part of their investigation into the car the jumped onto the sidewalk on saturday and slammed into a crowd are we at a point where you can say what may have occurred caused the crash well not positively from the investigation that they are doing um i guess who would be based on the videos that i had seen since ghana rao references crashes uh that the car was going too fast whether it was a mechanical failure were there was a driver issue i dunno the lebar says in his sixteen years on the force he's never seen anything like this crash in the sense of a single car striking so many people at one time renton saker kboi two news for six seventy kboi boise police respond to to a call about some problems subjects who are acting suspiciously inside of business on fairview avenue and maple grove early this morning when officers arrived demand ran from police in refused their commands to stop police chased the man on foot westbound on fairview tell the suspect displayed a gun and continued to refuse police orders officers and the suspect had a computation in the ninety two hundred block of fairview that's where officers say they were forced to fire their weapons the suspect was injured and taken by ambulance to a local hospital the ada county sheriff's office is now leading the critical incident task force investigation requ worthington six seventy kboi temperatures reached a high of only sixty degrees today it's expected to be cloudy and rainy tomorrow as well with high temperatures reaching fifty eight degrees tyler martin six seventy kboi sixty seconds the mark levin show followed at eleven by john bachelor six seventy kboi i'm paul george of the indiana pacers when i was six i had one thing on my mind.

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