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Lindh remember him? They call him the American Taliban, he spent more than seventeen years at a federal penitentiary and Tara, hold Indiana Lynn apparently till the ficials that he wanted to go to Puerto Rico when he got out of prison. And as you know, you don't need a passport to get Rico. So it's going to be interesting to see where he ends up surfacing once he's released. CBS correspondent David Begg. No Lynn's release was opposed by the family of Mike Spann, Mike Spann was killed during a Taliban prisoner uprising after his interrogation in Afghanistan. One of the condition of Linz release is that if he engages in any sort of online communication, it must be an English, so that it can be monitored here in the US, and he cannot leave. Leave the country. The drama continues in Washington where tension between congressional Democrats and President Trump boiled over yesterday that house speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the president of engaging in a cover-up of the Russia investigation. What prompted the president to cancel a meeting on infrastructure telling the Democrats that everything is off the table until they brought all of their investigations CBS correspondent, major Garrett says, even if Mr. Trump were willing to negotiate, you might have a hard time. Getting his fellow Republicans to go along with any sort of infrastructure package. Why? Because it would require one of two things higher gasoline taxes, most Republicans opposed to that. That's how you finance it more deficit, spending, and Republicans at least in theory are against that they were certainly for it when there was tax cuts on the table, but not for a new infrastructure Bill efforts by congressional Democrats to gain access to the president's financial records have had several instances of good news for them this week on Wednesday. The president lost his bid, the block Deutsche Bank AG and Capital, One financial from providing records to democratic lawmakers who are investigating Mr. Trump's businesses earlier this week. Another judge ruled that house lawmakers are entitled to records from the president's accounting firm, Mr. Trump's attorneys plan to appeal that ruling and in New York state, lawmakers approved a Bill that would allow congressional access to the president's state tax returns. Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign that Bill. Bill Rakoff, CBS news. Washington, people gathering at DFW airport today to protest the way, a leading fast-food chain treats animals animal lovers in volunteer, stood quietly outside near the airports Grand Hyatt hotel ahead of the MacDonald, shareholders meeting. They held pictures of bloated chickens and crowded pens, Katie arth is an outreach manager for animal equality, and says they're hoping to make McDonald's realize the cost to their company by treating chickens inhumanely.

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