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For five ounce bags of potato chips. Four of them for a buck in nineteen fifty eight pounds of grapes. Yeah. That's a lot of grapes, eight pounds of grapes for buck. God was there was there. Too many grapes in in one thousand nine hundred fifty great great surplus in nineteen fifty I had never I don't remember reading about that in the history books. But geez. Eight pounds of grapes for a buck. Oh, man. Nineteen fifty one four servings of French fried potatoes. Well, you know, sling blade would like that. In nineteen. Fifty two two heinekens for a buck. Oh, man. That's that's cheap. That's when you go out for a beer with a friend. That's what you do. You just get two heinekens for a buck and leave. A microwave meal might be cheap today. But in one thousand nine hundred eighty two it was a microwave oven that cost over a thousand dollars that same year you could order to heinekens at the white Turkey and Connecticut for fifty cents each. A thousand dollars for a microwave. Nineteen fifty two. People were terrified of atomic things in Montaigne fifty two. That's why they were charging two thousand dollars for a microwave. All right. Let's let's take a break here. And then we'll come back, and we've got a bunch more of these. What can you get for a dollar in the past? Me grapes coming out of your ears. That's all I'm saying. It's great village. And then a regular features will start up in a little bit too. For friday. We'll take a break. It's a nickel Gilio here on WGN. Disappointed in his Mitch Trubisky. His new name.

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