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And I'm David green in Germany last night there was a mass shooting in the town of her now eleven people are dead that includes the suspected shooter German media reports that an online video and a written confession links to the suspect indicated they may have had far right leanings Germany's prosecutor's office has reportedly taken charge of the investigation here and they're gonna hold a news conference later today police in Germany said they found the suspected shooter dead at his home address they also found a second person dead there and let's get the latest now from and your international course when rob Smith who is in Berlin had the rob good morning tickets through exactly what happened here if you can well what we know is that last night at around ten o'clock gunmen opened fire at a hookah bar and then add another hookah bar in the city of now side Frankfort he killed at least nine people and injured several others the clientele and both cars are usually Turkish and Kurdish Germans but we don't know the identity of the victims at after the shootings a suspect and returned to his apartment and that's where police found his body in the body of a seventy two year old mother police believe he is a forty three year old German citizen who is a resident of the city and forties in the German state of Hesse say they are investigating the crime is a probable right wing extremists terror attack the interior minister of the state has a voice held a short press conference this morning about the shooting and here's what he said Joyce however fly home under vision board non brought he's saying here that flakes throughout the country will fly at half mast today and that his deepest sympathies are with the families of the victims and he wishes the injured survivors quick and full recoveries okay so thirty think this may have been a right wing extremist attack German media reporting on this letter and video left behind by the says yeah what we know at this point about that authorities haven't confirm this yet but several German media outlets reported that police found a written confession at the suspect's home in which he wrote that certain races need to be eliminated they're also reporting that he left a video indicating he was a racist and had right wing extremist views doesn't this come at a time when when Germany's been confronting of a rise in in a far right movement yeah obviously germ is a country that has spent decades working to reconcile with its **** past but right wing extremism here in Germany has been on the rise since twenty fifteen when chance angle Americal made the difficult decision to allow hundreds of thousands of migrants from war torn countries of the Middle East and North Africa find refuge here after that there were a string of terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists followed by terror attacks by right wing extremists according to government data the number of right wing extremists in Germany has risen by a third last year alone German intelligence now suspects are more than thirty two thousand of them in half are considered potentially violent with a high affinity for fire arms of course this attack comes after another shooting in Berlin four days ago you're a Turkish comedy show that killed one person and it comes for months after right wing extremist shot and killed two while trying to attack a synagogue in the city of holon which Germany trying to do to to prevent attacks like this well have gun laws in Germany are really stringent and they've been tightened even further in recent years after other mass shootings Germany's government is planning an overhaul of its domestic intelligence and law enforcement agencies this year in an effort to crack down on right wing extremism in the Bundestag Germany's parliament has approved six hundred new jobs to help tackle this rising problem is rob Smith thanks rob thanks Roger stone is set to be sentenced today he's a political operative and long time friend of president trump who is charged as a result of the molar investigation president trump intervened in that case trying to get stoned more lenient sentence then the justice department revised its own sentencing recommendation today it's all in the hands of federal judge Amy Berman Jackson and Pierre justice correspondent Ryan Lucas reports for more than thirty years Amy Berman Jackson has worked in Washington D. C.'s legal world she's been a federal prosecutor a white collar defense attorney and now a District Court judge those who have known over the years say one constant is that she is not going to be surprised in the court room she will have far along with her team of every potential legal and factual angle they could come up and she'll be crystal clear as to why she is doing what she's doing that's call Racine he's the Attorney General for Washington DC but back in the early nineteen nineties he worked under Jackson as a young associate at a big law firm he says Jackson took the time as a partner in the firm to help were seen in other young attorneys fresh out of law school learn the legal ropes in a private firm every second every minute every hour counts that those are billable hours Amy would devote hours of non billable time to teach young lawyers how to become better lawyers she was demanding and rigorous he says but fair born in Baltimore Jackson got her undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard she spent a total of fifteen years working on both sides of the legal fence as a federal prosecutor and then as a defense attorney before taking a five year break from the lawn the late nineteen nineties to raise her then two young children over that time she provided occasional legal commentary on television including about the OJ Simpson trial and the Unabomber attacks she returned to the law in two thousand and was nominated to the federal bench by president Obama ten years later lawyers who have argued cases before Jackson sense then echo the words of a scene she's demanding rigorous and fair he was very clear to me from my experience that she's a very hard working conscientious judge runs a well managed court room that's John Jacobs as a government lawyer back in twenty sixteen Jacobs argued a complicated anti trust case before judge Jackson involving two large health insurance companies on top of that Jacob says it was a bench trial she not only had to decide the questions of law that also be the the fact finder shows a very challenging assignment and she definitely proved herself up to the task for the past two plus years Jackson's challenging assignment has been presiding over various cases stemming from the Russian investigation that includes president trump's former campaign chairman Paul man a fort and his deputy Rick gates who both pleaded guilty in front of Jackson it also includes the president's long time friend and informal adviser Roger stone a colorful character who has brought his love for a fight to the court room last February Jackson imposed a limited gag order on stone months later he posted on social media a photograph of Jackson that appeared to have the cross hairs of a gun next to her face at a court hearing about the post Jackson visibly annoyed grilled stone on the stand what am I supposed to do with you she said she tightened the gag order and barred stone from posting on social media stone ultimately was convicted in November of obstruction in lying to Congress now all eyes are on Jackson as she pronounces stone sentence again Kerr overseen her decision is going to be transparent it's going to be well reasoned and it's going to be supported by law in fact Amy will be fair in the past week and a half the president has called the case against on a miscarriage of justice and Attorney General William Barr has overruled career prosecutors to recommend a lighter sentence for stone trump also is taking aim at Jackson on Twitter in front of his seventy million followers it is in the middle of the simmering political controversy the judge Jackson will make her decision on stones prison sentence Ryan Lucas NPR news Washington this is NPR news good morning from the BBC in London I'm Sarah Hawkins with BBC topline a few stories we're following right now Germany says there's evidence that last night shootings the town of Hana were carried out by a far right extremist the attacks occurred in two hookah bars where nine people were killed the suspected gunman was later found dead Peter Boyd is the state's interior minister not was on it can make it sing I can listen what we know so far is that there is definitely isn't a phobic motive whether they're all claims of responsibility documents that still being investigated there is a home page which suggests is in a phobic background in South Korea the number of coronavirus cases has risen to over a hundred with many linked to a woman who attended a religious service in the country's fourth largest city thank you the mayor has told all two and a half million residents to stay indoors and thousands of American forces at a nearby base have also been banned from leaving and today the Irish parliament is meeting for the first time since an election which saw hardline nationalist parties shin Fane surged to second place for the first time behind center right Fianna fall both parties hope to lead a coalition government for most of the century one of two broadly centrist parties from the lead role in forming our school for months but the election earlier this month broke the mold yesterday from a full said it would begin coalition negotiations but it won't talk to shin Fay and not least because of past links to IRA violence Chris page in London I'm Sarah Hawkins at the BBC on the next fresh air our guests will be Claire Danes the star of the Showtime series homeland which is in its eighth and final season she plays a CIA agent who's brilliant but is sometimes subject to a radic behavior because she has bi polar disorder Danes first became known when she was in her teens starring in the series my so called life join us that's coming up one o'clock this afternoon and again at seven o'clock tonight here on KQED public radio it's four forty five good morning I'm David green you might not expect the small town politicians swearing in ceremony to bring a crowd but the community center in Georgetown Colorado was packed this week for the inauguration of a new mayor he wore tie in glasses and not much else Parker the snow dog is a ski mountain mascot a good boy and now an honorary mayor he's got a thousand constituents in Georgetown nearly seventeen thousand followers on Instagram this platform includes love hugs and cookies.

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