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Not return or lease friendliness. Instead she bluntly asked Ruis y she cheated in Boston. It had been over three years but the wound was still fresh. Caro- wanted answers had no interest in telling the truth. She repeated which he'd always said she didn't cheat she ran the whole race. She'd won legitimately and she planned to run it again. Kenro was surprised and insulted by wheezes continued dishonesty and lack of remorse so she abruptly ended. The conversation shook her head and walked away. Like Jacqueline Garo. The sport of long distance running couldn't so easily move past the story of Rosie Ruiz. The we scandal was in the words of one runner. The end of the Sports Age of innocence the beloved public aspect of marathons the fact that a world famous athlete leg. Jacqueline Gero ran on the same course at the same time as an amateur like Rosie. Ruiz was now considered a flaw in the system. In the years after Rosie Releases Win The New York and Boston Marathons added significant new security measures more checkpoints. More cameras and more scrutiny. On each and every runner some marathons split runners into two separate races. One with elite competitive runners and won with amateurs eventually races also began inserting tracking chips in the runners shoes to make sure that no one could ever again. Paul a Rosie Ruiz. There were also however positive consequences of reasons actions as she predicted the nonstop news coverage of the controversy made many people pay attention to women's running. For the first time Ruiz's tainted victory may have been a loss of innocence for the sport but it also put it on the cultural map in a way that little else could female participation in the Boston marathon nearly doubled in the two years after wheezes win in nineteen eighty four or the summer games in Los Angeles. The Olympics added a women's marathon event for the first time in history. Jacqueline Garrone competed for Canada but didn't finish due to an injury in the midst of all this change that she helped create rosie. Ruiz stayed quiet in Florida. Happy to remain out of the spotlight or leases life. However remained turbulent Ruiz's relationship with her husband Vivas was rocky. The two of them fought constantly ruis later blamed their marital problems solely on political differences. She was liberal and conservative. Though there were likely other issues at play. Their marriage disintegrated the course of the next two years. In August of one thousand nine hundred five they separated and Ruis moved to West Palm Beach to live with her mother. Reza's tendency to get into trouble followed her to her new home getting her into conflicts with multiple landlords three of whom sued to evict her for breaking her lease. She bounced through a series of jobs working as a public notary and later. Starting your own cleaning service with two other women. Business only lasted a couple of years but release of course managed to take full advantage of every park. She could she even managed to live rent free at a palm beach cottage and exchange or cleaning services in one thousand nine hundred thirty five year. Old Rosie Ruis got a job at the laboratory corporation of America as a client representative. She met a woman named Margarita. Alvarez by the early nineteen nineties the two of them became romantically involved in one thousand nine hundred ninety three forty year. Old Ruis moved into Alvarez House into question Florida by the mid Nineties Rosie. Ruiz found some stability in her life. In lab core and INTO CUESTA. She finally managed to stay in one place after a lifetime of constant turbulence. She raised three sons with Margarita and beyond a handful of traffic violations remained. Mostly out of trouble. Ruis kept her Boston Marathon medal in storage because looking at it made her melancholic still every year. In mid April. She watched the race throughout the two decades following the nineteen eighty Boston marathon. Countless journalists attempted to finer weeds but none were successful in getting an interview. She kept her married name even after her. Divorce FROM ECHO VIVAS. Making it easier for her to stay hidden in one thousand nine hundred eight. A reporter from the Palm Beach Post finally managed to track her down by talking to co workers at Labcorp when Ruis heard about the reporter. She finally broke her silence including telling her co workers that she was indeed the famous. Rosie Ruiz even with her secret out. Ruis remained careful about how she interacted with reporter. She refused to meet them. In person only confirmed her identity by dropping off a reason photo at a public location or the reporter to pick up later when the reporter finally made contact over. The phone release was ready to tell her side of the story. After eighteen years as it turned out her story hadn't changed. She still claimed that she had run the whole race and deserve the medal as blame the entire controversy on politics. She said the race organizers and fans wanted the favorites like Jacqueline Guerrero to win and disqualified her because they were embarrassed that an amateur beat them also claimed that her later legal issues were the result of misunderstandings and bad luck. According to Ruis her cocaine dealing arrest was the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a type statement there were we sent to the reporter after the interview or we promised that she would run again and this time she vowed there would be no mistake about her abilities after the interview in Nineteen Ninety Eight Rosie. Ruiz successfully slipped back into anonymity. She refused to talk to anyone else about her past. She never did run again. Rosie died on July eight. Two Thousand Nineteen after ten year battle with cancer or death was only reported on after journalists recognized. Her photo in a digital obituary published quietly on the Internet. The obituary made no reference to her maiden name nor to her brief running career in the decades since the nineteen eighty Boston marathon. Jacqueline Guiraud developed empathy for the struggles that we went through and ultimately forgave her after his death Garo posted a facebook tribute calling her a great woman. Who made some mistakes? She thinks that the entire saga of Rosie ries makes a good lesson. Cheating will never give you satisfaction and it's also simply.

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