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I know more about fucking hurried variability than you ever known your fucking life. I'm biting my tongue going. She is going through a great moment in her life and I need to be there for and she looks great and she's happy but it's this weird condescending like I kinda got it figured out Bert. You're a mess and let me tell you what you need to do right. So maybe need to see my trainer go. It's not your your trainers great. Your trainer the fact that I'm I'm busting my fucking so last time we get in bed and she makes another comment she's rubbing my belly. She goes what is that just like. Just a fat like when you talk I go. Hey can we lay off me like she goes? What and GIGGLES I go. I go you when you John cleese came up with a little hard work. You can look like. That's not what I said I go. I've been chewing statement over my head the whole time. I go listen. I'm killing myself on the road. I am out every fucking Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. I come home Monday. I leave Wednesday. I'm like I'm bussing. Maximum trying to work out I go to. I like melted down in bed and she was like I'm sorry. And then she got out of bed naked and she goes. You GotTa admit a look amazing right. It's almost like a totally different. Person is a totally different person. This morning she came out naked naked around making she goes. You've got to be honest morning. Leeann looks even hotter than nightly ask. Think so yeah. Yeah so fucking hot right now. It's it's such a trade off that you get you have. She looks amazing. But you gotTA deal with Jillian Michaels. Like she's always giving you work out. You got to start doing arms and I'm like you almost WANNA traded end right. You're like you just put the twenty back on. I I gotta be honest with you that I can't wait till you get fat again because I loved her fat like I love her body either way. Musil is a little more moves. Fucking awesome it. Looks so good looks amazing? He looks so good in like in close. She looks great. And what's the other thing that's nudes share news? We'll send us some beaver pink today. We'd be like hey we just have to be like. Is it cool? Just show Tom This. A pick ahead of you. By the way I I wouldn't be shocked. I'm not even lying. I wouldn't be shocked. If she does a tasteful nude photo shoot after this because I mean Bro. She's got like almost ABS- now. Oh Wow she's like I'm not even at my goal weight my goal weight. And what's crazy is that. She is working out hard as fuck her trainer. Mccallum is actually legit. Whatever he has done I mean they have like spiritual conversations on so terrified. She's GonNa fuck him. I need to trainers so stretching her out. I wouldn't go for a male trainer. I I agree if I've only ever done ladies you like is he. Hot Turns Gorgeous knows not Latin. These gorgeous little darker high black. I Know Bang and we were just discussing possible porno scenarios that we put ourselves in and like if. Let's say broke Bert. You're you're broke here like what's your worst financially sex five zero four. Yeah Okay Georgia born. So you're you're struggling to pay. Rent IS THE SCENARIO. Like you're like fuck your and then would you do some type of sex act on camera and then for what amount of money so like I I would. I would put on like Lucia mask and masturbate to rent money. Christina was like Maybe foot stuff and then she was like or gang bang and I was like. I don't wear a mask because I didn't know mask was an option would do entire basketball team gang interracial. I WANNA make money bitch. The mess doesn't mean it's not you still you you go and there's eleven guys. Oh okay hold on. I'm GonNa say what you just did. Okay what am I suck twenty dudes Dick's but I'd have a mass gone. Still doing see secondary checks or just.

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