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Anyway joshua is a pro at breaking into homes as a matter of fact that is like his speciality he's been arrested many times for breaking into homes yeah and i think when he was arrested one time he claim that he broke into 18 different homes so joshua started showing his new friends stephen hayes how to pick out a good house how to break in what to look for all that sort of stuff frei in fact just the day before they broke into the pet it's home the two had broken into several hopes stephen hayes was learning new criminal skills and joshua's now josh will now with the help of a partner with scheming other ways to increase the score plus it's widely believed that he wanted to store committing other types of crimes rather than just be any and burglary one of the questions becomes why did they pick the pettitte family well we have a situation captain where it late in the afternoon on sunday july 22nd 48yearold jennifer hawk pettitte she's with her 11yearold daughter michaela they went to that stop and shop grocery store in cheshire now during their trip to the grocery store somehow they attracted the attention of joshua karma said jeff ski who followed them home he was there waiting for somebody he said something like um correct contractor was supposed to pay him some money or something like that but anyway he he sees the woman in her child at the store it seems like he may have handsome.

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