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Socially awkward joke about how like there's so many of these lights up my name was stacy but my name's and then it went to creepy place and then it was like but there are lots of healthy bernie. Now i know why those points in your in your cup and school those guys okay last questions from miranda. I don't think anyone's gonna come to my twentieth. High school. Reunion and i was is gonna come with miami. Okay whole attack. This okay quickly a high school reunion. My twentieth high school reunion is next year okay and i i went to my ten and it was packed but i would not social media. I was not at my prime. I wasn't my full. Li developed kelty yet at twenty years years. I am fully my best. This is saying i have i'm ring in the emmy guilty. Coming is my purse. This is where keeping change i think you need to have an assistant that carries around a binder like devil products and then they're like behind me now share allen he kissed june fifth grade and then pissed in the subway cup in twelfth grade like hello jared allen nice to see you again like the person that stands seacrest on the car vans. This person's persons nominated for four hundred. Hey nominee for four emmys tonight good lot how'd you how'd it ryan. Remember yeah and then the peons down the carpet me has to memorize that shakes. I'm not ryan seacrest and i don't get a special shaw handler. We went to sarah's reunion. Clashed here brought gloves but it's so funny like very much like she was so. I didn't go to my high school reunion. I would never but like she was so pumped about it that she was like. Even part of like planning it like getting making sure was there because she wants to show off our yeah she sushi brought me and she brought like her like fabulous gay friend and so like we came in there hoc- it was like it was she was like i i actually did invent the sticky note to like everyone like that's what she my gosh. She was like vying michelle but she like actually did and it was so i was like are you doing in this for you are you and she was a lutely popular in high school. I think she's pretty hot. Look at me. This is like this is prime celtic. Can you imagine and when i was like a nice cool now i can. I'm just i'm nervous. No one's gonna come. That's all i'm going to say. I really we won't who goes reunion. Everyone i went to christmas surly chris night. It was great christie was there. They went to high school together. Chris deleo whatever his name and i was like i was like e and then a girl was like oh my god i make taylor costumes. Do you know who this man is crisp night. He didn't go to your house. Oh it was his. I was like talking him up. Oh i'm like he read last night okay. No it's going weird. Skating last question is from maranda. Manda moreno says okay to post or not supposed. I'm having an amazing year. My career has taken off. My husband and i bought a house. I just bought my dream. Car is find post about it all when you're no no no no only positive thing. Only it's different bragging like i'm sorry. I don't need to see anyone's vehicle on instagram unless you're getting paid to an ad for the vehicle okay. Let me ask you this though because we're beginning a lot of crap for it for like posting pictures and series rings in the picture. I have opinions about get. I have very strong opinions about are they. Did you get there ring arch. I i i love writing think so but i don't know because i'm a guy. I'm sure.

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