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About about a musical about like ship. You'll. When I wanna say about a rematch. I think if that's holding about sounds realistic. Reading Trudy only to WADA deserves a rematch close if being realistic if he loses issued cash back style if he wins it should be able to where they likes. Stuff Marta smile, mistiming of the nature of business in Trumpian. This man. What are you fucking? What's his name about that? Would you call it? Sign a contract on the day of the. I'm allows waiting for that question onto the actually wanted to. He says accent he didn't ask. But you know, but, but but but his stuttering and fumbling of words is all the answer you need the post video yet. No. But I mean, there's only so many hours in the day care. I trying to say tell him, but you did ask. That's what he's asking. Let me tell you the videos posted. That's runs. That's ron's. I posted two months. Well, yesterday, Mike actually posted my Eddie, then opposed to my Avery Sparrow. And maybe my BTS footage of farmer. But that's it today. I just posted the sunny console. I even put it in a chat for you guys to check it out. And I still got a release. Another Eddie, I got release a full former I gotta release the farmer and Eddie coming at me. Both of them mad at me for. Mag 'cause I put up some spun footage like, oh, I'm the worst one could work Oldman while I want us to be out there on the on. What Michael is different? You interview thing more. Listen, you know, law, I guess, but you gotta understand to giving take if you want me out there, then we don't have no media reaction shows. 'cause I gotta be at the fight shoot us. She I'm saying when you interview guys that Avery, and I'm this you sound like, you know, his career. So to me this interview did I mean, Robert and Justice thundered of half of assumed agers. Right. Egypt is very right now I've been wanting to say something like that to. But you're you're you're absolutely right. We it's give or take it's one or the other. But I'm not gonna lie. I get excited when you cover something like it. I know you're gonna come back with shit that we wouldn't be able to get any other way. And it's no knock on our video graphics 'cause we've had world class. Video video offers working for TV. It's just that. I don't know man you were born Or for. for this like real talk, again, not gassing you up, but the I'm not surprised you came back with these rumors, and that's what eaters is talking about. Maybe that's what he's talking about. But that's what I'm talking about. Like you come back with this shit. You know, what I'm saying will require. I overslept for uploading so many videos, I definitely will release some some the behind the scenes if we like maybe three hundred likes I got one when Ness in Eddie using should post one this. Yalon doesn't matter to me. I'm gonna get to it afterwards since we're not going. Washington DC. I got the rest of the data. Eddie, I have been contacting people. I got us a gym. Dates tomorrow. But I don't know if we should take it 'cause it's like thirty minutes from me, but is show day tomorrow. Now, if you're willing to come here right like yesterday, I pick you up we go there we come back. And then we do the show from here, then our job. I mean, that's just a lot of work for you. Like, you get home like ten. I truly apologize. Like, I said I was up to six in the morning. So everyone knows there's so much content. I fell asleep, and I still have more the post, but China stuff rose tunnels to. I mean, I got like right now there's to be at least fifteen videos that I have on the back end. I haven't even made public. So look Lundy because London's fighting Sparrow, and you You know. know, I was waiting for. I was waiting for your. I'm look now. But see the thing is to everything Ron I said holy shit. So I did. And I got multiple interviews with certain people like with chino, which is the trainer of. I got a few women because obviously he's faced Loma chanko. Then you got that try and go with farmer and Giovanna and Rasa..

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