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Suggesting that these visions are. Nothing more than an embodiment of typical human fears from the depths of our consciousness. But who knows what people might who fuck it? I don't really believe that, but there are different paranormal explanations supposed to be that this is all weaved in with aliens and UFO's and pre cognition that all this stuff seems being one, and that he's painted as a harbinger of doom or ask sinister creature Kinda Shit like you were saying and that that's pretty much have one real life account, but. It seems east ties into a Lotta Shit. Well here's a thing, Bro, we, obviously the human psyche in the human mind is a powerful powerful thing, and I feel that. Again and when we've talked about these kids, they all seem to be all compiled into one right. There's also ufo sightings associated with the Mothman Yeah, and maybe maybe let's say it is something from another dimension right? Let's say it's this archetype or whatever there's all you also have to. You know hold them to account that. There's The observer effect, so maybe it's whatever you want it to be and we've talked about maybe people seeing something and androgen izing it turning into a human right, maybe seeing a bear walking on tyne leg. Yeah, do that Shit. Oh it's a bigfoot. was and that's what you wanted to confirmation bias. You want to believe so bad. That's what you'll see. How they agree with that. I don't know I don't know. Maybe it is that maybe it is? People Psyche just fucking with. I I never wanted to see shadow people. That's probably the scariest thing and I, the weird thing is I never had, and if you go for listeners, go back, listen the shadow people episode to hear more about that and shut up my cats fucking coming around here meowing. But like that, I saw scare the fuck me I never really sleep paralysis before this maybe one other time, and that time felt somebody standing on my back so like shit can exist. Is it just my brain playing with me? I don't fucking know, but I sincerely thought that I was getting my soul out of my body, and it was one of the scares experience I've ever had and I saw a twelve foot tall shoppers. Osama doorway when I was trying to sleep. I saw them looking over at me. It's it's not I would want to ever experience again, so I couldn't imagine. Man. I've gone pretty good I getting out of that. Fun Yeah I told you I. I have it on the regular and I've got to the point where I can just snap out of it like. You shake yourself out of it have to like shakers. Never, have it than like twice in my life and when was I? Don't WanNa scariest experience. I don't stick around too long to start seeing I. Mean I've seen them before but I. don't stick around two to two and one thing that helps since my son sleeps in the room. Yeah, he had a night late for him. So that helps oh! You can't stay in the deepest Arkan's because I've even wanted my songs I say that like. Star stare into the deepest black if you want beyond the laws of facts. Because I was talking about like that when I would try to Astra Project Shit like that which I think, we should episode on its own just about ash projection purely because. There's a lot of. She can look up, but that is mostly do is hosmer. There's times I would just try by to fall asleep while I was staring at darkness. And then your eyes are playing tricks on you or your started sees weird shit, but you start to in the darkness, you'll start seeing like lights in bright lights, colors and shit like that. Shut the fuck up cat. Like. I see a lot of shit like that where I I think that is plausible that if you, if you stare into dark, pure darkness and the darkest room, there's people that also say when we get an ash projection, Yo say stared a lighter or a candle for a minute right, and then you fuck in turn off the light, and you go and complete darkness, and then you picture that candle flame in your mind, because if you close your eyes, it will still be there and then. You just keep focusing on that candlelight, and eventually you'll bring yourself out of your body takes a lot of fucking practice though. The. Mothman our maybe if you call. There we talked about the Dulcie base now not too long ago and we talked about how there is supposed people like try to Astra Project to get into this fucking alien base, and then there's theories that they got. They got trapped actually in this fucking base, and that these people either disliked the people that had the astral projection and got trapped there so as either just died in their sleep, or they were just went to a coma for fucking months, and then they yeah. There's some weird shit Movie by. Leonardo DiCaprio. What's shutter, island or something? Shudder? Island's pretty good actually has think about that movie the other day. That movies fucked up here. I've won the last to end this on. Then we can to to add world to the possibilities of what might be fucking, and maybe it is something from another dimension, or maybe it is somebody conjoined like these demons that just pop out of some Puerto Right because I think that exists to right. Maybe it's not all metaphysical on. There is some physical aspect to it, but also there was talks about that. Maybe the Mothman is a native American curse like the skin walk skin where it can shape shift into these different things. And maybe that day he was feeling Mafi or somebody spotted him and he like. SHAPESHIFTS real, quick and your wings, but he doesn't use them, and he's like Oh here. I am as waddling off and shit now. We're GONNA. Dive into Skin Walker range down probably down the way in the next like year or two, because I wanted to justice and get all the gritty details, but like that that could exist I think and I think people if you fuck with black magic and shit like we just did Alister Crowley and I think that he fucked around fucked up shut thought he saw stuff, and and you know he fucking. He did a lot of horrific. Sheri's I'm sure he saw a lot of yeah. But, he would do crazy ass practice. I couldn't imagine even provoking that side of life, even if it may exist or not, and then just the fact, provoking in is a bad idea..

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