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That's fantastic and of course. There was a legal document to settle her royal title name-change with Diana being officially stripped of the Royal Highness. Part in response her son Prince William told her. Don't worry I'll give you back that full title when I become King and you're definitely still alive to see that so you'll get to well. Hi again. Owing the divorce Diana started dating the perfect rebound spite man. This was house is not Khan. He's one of the world's best heart and lung surgeons he's Muslim and he has a good deal of Melanin. So in Charles's Charles face all that stuff all the stuff Charles is not and eventually that relationship with house not con ended though and during the summer of nineteen ninety. The seven Diana's started seeing Dodie Fed. The son of the Egyptian billionaire. Mohamed Al Fayed. Oh weird side. Note when I worked at Hambley's of London off if I was the owner and he used to throw this giant Christmas party with awesome food and open bar in the store at Christmas but that was the only time anybody ever got to SOM- armed because he wouldn't attend the party but he would end the party by getting on stage that he had erected and singing my way by Frank Sinatra. The stories are like the little details and how none of them are probably true. I you know I just ally singing Sinatra right. Nobody watching him at that Christmas party. So this this courtship with dody fed it seemed to ramp up pretty quickly with rumors of marriage and baby right away but it all came to an end on August thirty first when they both died in a car crash in Paris France. Their driver on re Paul also died in that crash. The only survivor from their vehicle was bodyguard. The Trevor Rees Jones who allegedly bumped his head and very conveniently can't really remember anything about the incident. Now all of a sudden can you imagine being that bodyguard. I mean wakes up your this looks around the blood Iraqis like I had one job in so much trouble slow-motion dive. This isn't helping. I just want to point out that right now. She's taking note of the exact minute where heath himself described blows to the head as convenient. So here's the seek convenient. Here's the sequence of events on the day leading up to the crash Dodi and Diana were staying at the Hotel Ritz in Paris on the night of August thirtieth on their way back to London in a private jet after after a yachting vacation in the French and Italian Riviera but you try to build up some sympathy anyway. They're about to die so he gets settled into their penthouse suite and Dhoti goes out by himself to look at extremely expensive wedding rings at and no Oh not helping. And according to several authors and also the highly reputable Middle Market Tabloid Daily Express. dodie was planning to proposed posed Diana the very next day and the only people who could have known that were either very close friends and family or an elaborate network of murder spa labyrinth network of murders the only two options either way together either way gets think about surveillance footage from that jeweler was later reviewed. It showed Dodie leaving without a ring. But according to Dodi's father the couple was planning to announce announced their engagement on September. First there was no evidence of any preparation for a giant media event. Like that and this was one of about hundred seventy five different conspiracy elements that were floated by Mohamed. Al Fayed but still very convenient timing I would say all of this. Just backup backup to the beginning a little bit. You know what I love. I love when rich people without real jobs. Come back from vacation like writes your whole life. Life is the vacation. You came back to vacation vacation. What is Tom's was job? I wonder I don't get what Tom Vacation House..

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