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That looked like it accommodated a center exhaust. I feel like they just put the notch there or not i. It seems like somebody just got the got the drummer out in one town. Or maybe they didn't or may maybe when they repainted this. I don't remember we'd have to dig up the old images of the orange version of this car and see if they had the center. Who i bet. I bet it does i. I'm guessing it. Because i don't know how much they fresh ended up other than pay although they did swap. The flat hairs Maybe they now. Max pat. We need that car and orange. The whatever five years ago if you if you look up a paul newman beverly hills porsche. Find the orange wine at mecum. I think once orange and then it was at this other auction. What was the name. That was the name of that guy who was in with us. We had nobody nobody ever see. Orange cars got the center exhaust the athol but he did something different. Is there a plate on it. it looks a little. I think it's the same thing either either way. Yeah i told by told sean we're going to need to do is pop off the old and then come straight out with the with the pipes and we're going to have to glass up the existing notch and then carve out a couple of new notches. I deemed it all pretty doable in a relatively short period of time. So you want him to fill the notch and painted before monterey or do you want to just do the executive fucking rattle can out you know. I mean yeah. Fill fill the notch and painted. But we don't need to take the whole thing to the booth you know just just maskhadov and painted whatever white. It's at the very bottom of. Yeah the car i mean. It's got a kind of a racy lucky. Just have them make an aluminum piece. Shoot it white riveted on and then fix it later if you want it to. It'll take him two hours to glass it up. I'm not as an. I love sean. But now you're saying remove the rear bumper. Take it glass. It painted sanded painted clear it. Sand it. i'm not saying that. I'm saying all paint. All use rattle can make it. Look good but i just don't i think your idea of we have hours of work. His idea thirty. Yeah well yes we have different ideas on how long you would not the outer board on and then finish it off smooth it out and painted and you know do it now. Did you find the vented tips that we yes a found those at our or baffled their something they have an inner tube in an outer tube and then they have five strut. Yes there are things on it. yes. I found this. You've found him like just in the aftermarket or like porsche thing. Porsche thing aftermarket. Or maybe just the aftermarket. Yeah know people make tips. Well the monarch clamp amman or do whatever yeah the question is in the in the period didn't really have those although that is a period tip it just kind of had a straight three inch whatever out the the back. So i gotta work. That went out. I happen to like that. Look yeah. I don't know what it does if anything performance wise because collector is a lot wider than the inner tube. Yeah i think you just put the whole thing on and whatever comes out of the inner tube just comes out of the inner does. I think it's it's some sort of. I think it's a heat thing. So the outer doesn't get as hot as the inner. Yeah but in this case the outer will get as hot as the inner because there is no connection to the inner. It's not going to keep going. Yeah okay you know what i'm saying. Yeah it's basically like you taking a three inch exhaust and then just taking like a fourteen inch tube like a from paper towel roll. Yeah in welding it in the center of it. It's not doing anything just going. It'll just go through it or around it right as far as picture it. But i when i say heat i just mean because that outer portion has the exhaust pipe in the middle of it the outer portions. What's closest here. Fiberglass body And i think with the air flowing through those vents. Your exhaust pipe in the middle is hot. The outer one is cooler less damage to your fiberglass body. If i'm picturing that correct. I understand your concept up saying the inner pipes not hooked up to anything. So i don't know how much of a difference i mean. It's going to help model so the inner pipe should be the exhaust pipe in that. Yeah yeah that ain't the one should just ask but the but the collectors three and a quarter inches wide and the center tube is two inches. It's not anything. That's what i'm saying. Now maybe maybe there's maybe there's a right way of doing there might be a right way down but we're not going to go down that it's it's basically it's just for looks essentially. Yeah it'll the exhaust you know. Seventy percent of it will go down the middle and the other thirty percent of the spill out around the i. I don't think it's supposed to be. That would be weird if it was that way. Yeah now it's not. It can't the each it has equal length. Headers on each side has three on each side. Obviously it has three into one collector right but the three in the one collector ends up at three inches. Maybe three and a half inch. Yeah those exhaust. Are you know three three. And a quarter at the back with a two inch tube. Or i don't know massapequa. I found one of those. I think i typed in vintage nine. Eleven are vint Nineteen seventy four. Rs are exhaust tip. Put put in trumpet or something like that or whatever. Okay whenever we'll we'll we'll figure it out. Let's see it. You'll see what i'm talking about right so it's got a good look. Yeah and it's got a vintage luck. Yeah but it's not going to be the same exhaust because at some point those things had to reduce theoretically to go down the center of that thing. And i think i. There are some measurements on the website. The outer was three and a quarter or something in the center was like two inches. Yeah something something like that. All right let.

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