Paul Manafort, President Trump, Michael Cohen discussed on CNBC's Fast Money


President Trump walking away after taking those speaking to reporters, they're saying, I feel very bad for Paul. Manafort. Paul Manafort was a good man. It doesn't involve me. It has nothing to do with Russian collusion. This is a witch-hunt. You'll notice he was silent on Michael Cohen. He's spoke only about Paul Manafort as he Rives there in West Virginia. Well, look, bottom line is what we heard from Khuzami earlier. I mean, this is a nation of laws. I mean, these, these are senior folks at least that were involved in this campaign. People that he's been associated with Michael Cohen said he'd take a boat for the president and let's face it. These guys are thirty and this is what we found out. So he feels bad for him, but he's trying to disassociate himself with him and and attach them to other politicians. Bottom line is I don't think this prince well on the president, but from a markets perspective, again, I would go back to, I think we're not terribly far from where we were before we got this news. Let's bring back in CNBC's editor at large in Washington. John Harwood, you're not surprised by the president's responses. It came out the plane done. Well, we'll surprise that he. Would come over and take questions at all, but that if he did, so he would only speak to Manafort rather than Cohen. It's obvious the calculation there because he points to Manafort ties into Reagan and says that the charges didn't have anything to do with Russia. But remember Paul Manafort was in that Trump Tower meeting. He is now under increased pressure. What will he subsequently cooperate with the special counsel. He the president double down, said it's a witch hunt. There is no reason to think that it's a witch hunt and you know. He's, he's playing the the his hand is best. He can, but it's not a very good hand..

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