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So reminded being collecting these formulas gifted to him any sleep by goddess, riding on his tongue. And after a while he starts sending his work to prominent mathematicians all around the world. Now he doesn't Tony working, right? So there's no way to figure out how he derived any of these ideas. So these academics, they pretty much just ignore him except for g. h. Hoti a number theorist at Cambridge University g h hardy was this amazing, super mathematician of his era. Ramana cinema, letter filled with mathematics. Hardy was like, I've never seen anything like this. It's so crazy that it has to be true. Hoti was running on a gut feeling invited Ramana reminded to come to England to study with him at Cambridge, and for. Period of five years in the mid nineteen teens when England was in the midst of this bloody World War Ramana Jen prove some of the most astonishing formulas of the day during his time at Cambridge reminded and struggle to adapt to English culture. In particular, he found the food strange and difficult to stomach frequently seek, but doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. And eventually the constant illness got too much. So he returned to India in nineteen nineteen hoping to return to good health, but he continued to do his own research and in January of nineteen twenty. He wrote to his collaborator g h hardy in Cambridge, and this letter begins dear hardy. I'm sorry for not writing a single letter, but I've discovered this most wonderful theory and he goes on to list examples of functions. He calls mock veta- functions and for the next ninety years, nobody knew what he was talking about and this is very mystique. He sent it in a letter just a few pages long. So he didn't put any more information about it. But he indicated in the letter that he had a theory. And then the next letter Remond that hardy got said that religion had passed away. Remond engine died unfortunately at the age of thirty two long before he was able to explain all of his ideas to hardy and the other mathematicians. And so all that was left was the single letter that had a couple of examples. Nobody had any idea how Ramada had come up with them. And so these bizarre functions that reminded and dreamed up in a fever. One imagines on his deathbed turned out to be a huge subject of study and intrigue in the twentieth century. And this was kipnes big breakthrough. He figured out how reminded derived these deathbed functions. It was if he'd been able to undo some of the chalk workings that Ramana Jin had wiped clean from you. Slight one day I walked into office and he was like, Robert, I know how to prove that Ramada Jains definition of the mock veta- functions is true. I was like, oh my God. That's amazing. That's really big news. Turns out that that year two thousand twelve was the under twenty fifth anniversary of Ramana birth. There was a big festival going on all over India about Ramana Jin. He's a national hero there. So we were invited by Shasta university, a modern university that is based in Koumba Chonam in south India. The town that Ramana Jin lived in grew up in Ken was invited to speak about his new work, and they invited me also to give a talk on quantum modular forms, so can and robot head to India. I've been to India many times, but it was thrilling to share this pilgrimage with Robert visiting. Being some of the sites that play an important role in the Ramana Jin story when he was visiting them for the first time I had a considerable amount of work to do, which was hard because I was on anti-malaria medication that was making me kind of a psychedelic state the whole time I was there. So like I was there the Ramana Jim, the Conan, the Hinduism's whole thing was all swimming around. I was having extremely surreal experience. A magic him walking through ruins and temples in India, soaking up the brilliant colors, the smells and the people. This is component. It's a town of one hundred thousand people, maybe a few hundred thousand people, but it still feels like a village if feels like you're in this beautiful tropical jungle. It is a sacred city in south India filled with temples. It's called the temple city. The temple that is just down the street from Ramana Jin's child at home. It's about like a block away from his house. It's this beautiful, really int- the painted structure builds from rocks that were brought from the north by elephants like two thousand years ago that reach. I don't know five, six hundred feet into the sky. These giant stones are now blackened with age engraved with crazy ancient alphabets that people don't even recognize anymore. And as you here at the top of this temple, you can barely make out the intricate carvings and the very, very top segment of it, and they'll be eighty hundred bats flying routes ruling around the top and all the while you hear the rhythmic drumming of the drums that the Hindu monks are chanting to from the inside. And

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