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Is the show that you're write about my coffee Carlos. Yeah. Right. Travis. Sometimes it does help to read further into the story. No. But this is what we've been saying. So this. Ship agreeing to hold off on the basically contempt boat. Probably right. For for today. Forget some of the materials he's been asking him for, but it said, integrations between the Justice department and the house intelligence committee appear to have been more fruitful than departments to with the House Judiciary committee. We also issued a subpoena for the unredacted Muller report. Because this claim I was just going to say it's not again, we are entitled to all of it period, full stop the reason they're doing this is not because they're doing the right thing. It's because they have to 'cause that's what people were saying legally shifts. Subpoena carries more weight because it's intelligence. It's national security. Yes. So don't like go. Let's give them credit. No, let's not give them credit. It's like it's like this. They're scared confidential draft IRS memo. They know the law. The confidential heiress member says tax returns must be given to congress. Yeah. Just like it says, in the law, unless the president, it's executive privilege. How, how would that apply to his tax returns, if that's going to be because, you know, what's going to do everything he can to stop this, right? If you search executive privilege, you know, it's because he has something to how I'd like we don't know now. Yeah. The game is up the memo contradicts. The Trump administration's justification for denying lawmakers request for Trump's tax returns, Trump has refused return of his tax returns, but is not invoked executive privilege. Mnuchin denied the returns of arguing there's no legislative purpose for demanding this. But according to the IRS memo that goes your tax returns to the committee quote, quote is mandatory requiring the secretary to disclose returns and returning formation by the tax writing chairs. The document says specifically does not allow the secretary to exercise discretion in disclosing the information directly rejects the reason Mnuchin cited for withholding the information on Q miniature says the treasury's trying to find out who wrote the IRS memo. Investigate. Right. Trying to do the right thing or. Yeah. Hey, this is the law, and we're gonna need to follow the law. At some point, I mean, they can try and delay. But it's just this is okay. That's supposed to brief clip of. Oh, Jeff Daniels on, just like who can we be Republicans? Yeah, this one person that was calling from sitting the same thing. We said about like someone needs to drop the unredacted Muller report to the Washington Post he said who's who's gonna fill up. Undetectable report. We have a bike bell ring, ring, ring, ring. I'm sorry, what paper boy he can't. Years, hugo. Why you go? Good job, Sean you bike. The report. Wilkerson was heavy. Full report shake Claudy, so beaver cleaver is going to drop the Muller reports on the Washington. Came back. Tim Michigan Joe job. Theodore. Hi, tim. Hey. Action to this. How enthusiastic with all these hip accord? Control free Republic,.

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