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Southern California, where most of the classes are online university sent out a message to students warning about an alarming increase of 43 cases. In off campus housing because some of the students there say that there's a number of gatherings and parties that are happening Now that is a B C's Trevor All's over on Capitol Hill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling for people to resist this new guidance. The CDC guidelines that they have put forth are scary and dangerous. It really is very sad and just reinforces thie lack of attention and understanding that we have to have in order to crush this virus. Pelosi making those remarks today during her weekly virtual news conference for Await Looks like another Great day on Wall Street. Let's get back to Bloomberg business. Alright and Rhodey, How'd we do? We did very well. The now gained 83 points, not enough for a new record, but on the NASDAQ and S and P. That was enough. NASDAQ gained 199. That's one and three quarters percent s and P 500 up 1% 35 points. So how painful has the pandemic been two economies around the world locked down Some restrictions pushed the world's major economies into a near 10% economic slump last quarter, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. That's a record and four times the GDP decline recorded in the first quarter of 2009. Do you recall that was at the height of the financial crisis. Big day for the Dow gaining 83 points. NASDAQ Up 199 S and P 500 tacked on 35 points, NASDAQ and S and P a new all time highs and rode a Bloomberg business on W. B z Boston's NewsRadio. What did he say? Complete election coverage from now until election Day. And after telling BZ Boston's news radio change requires innovation, foresight and the courage to set aside what was done yesterday to accomplish change. One must have a background of fearless innovation and the ability to withstand criticism from those who say we've never done it that way. Dr Shiva I adore a m i t PhD Republican candidate for U. S. Senate is a change agent. As a scientist and inventor. Dr. Shiva earned four degrees from MIT and started seven successful companies. Change has been his Hallmark, accomplished and hardworking Doctor Shiva can deliver the change. We need get out and vote in the Republican primary on September 1st for Dr Shiva. I adore our country needs real change, innovation and true leadership Today, Dr Shiva I adore it can provide that leadership. That courage and that innovation show your support and vote in the Republican primary on September 1st. This is Dr Shiva during it's time to go beyond left and right, and I approve this message paid for by Shiva for Senate. WeII made use a insurance for members like Beth, A Navy veteran. She and her husband, Larry, might be old school, but they're made of curiosity. Toe. Always try new things like that cooking class and finally learning guitar. Now that the kids are out of the house someone bets realized they were over paying the insurance company they've been with for years..

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