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Navy federal dot org ensured by NC UA At 5 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s let's get you over to Jack in the traffic center Hardy Joan are wrapping up in Virginia 66 going eastbound the overnight work between nutley and the beltway now with the trucks backing up you've got a couple lanes to the left getting by and they're just about out of the roadway We still got some cones and some flashing arrow boards out there but hopefully we'll have all lanes open The ramp to the inner loop of the beltway is now open as the work closer to the beltway That was the first to get picked up The crash investigation ongoing in woodbridge Route one closed in both directions between poor Potomac avenue and cardinal drive the investigation will be ongoing You'll find yourself under direction southbound diverting at cardinal drive northbound up at port Potomac avenue You'll find 66 west without big delay as you approach the beltway there is a work zone with just the left lane getting by volume is light in that direction Now you're good on the belt way between Alexandria and McLean no troubles leaving the beltway south from the GW Parkway from mcclain or north out of old town Everybody headed toward the airport of the 14th street bridge should find your travel lanes open Good ride downtown We're looking good across the freeway Third street tunnel New York avenue D.C. two 95 I two 95 everybody's off to a good start Looking good on the beltway through Maryland between Bethesda and oxen hill and outer loop that was activity north of river road on the inner loop As you got up onto the two 70 spur that's where we did have a wreck that's been moved over onto the right shoulder not causing any kind of a delay South two 70 there had been some debris described as insulation bundles They are all off the roadway to the right side so at least now after middlebrook you're traveling without worry Inbound Pennsylvania avenue after woodyard road collar said there's like a wooden pallet It's along that far right side of the roadway Unfortunately that shoulder lane that becomes a traveling in about 30 seconds Maryland stayed authorities are becoming aware of that so hopefully they can get out there and remove it pretty quickly A vehicle is off the roadway in a ditch and upper Marlboro it's affecting three O one down near Leland road follow police direction Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Our forecast now here's Mike Steiner Our fairly quiet weather pattern will continue for the next several days with a little chance of rank just a slight chance for shower on Thursday as a week disturbance comes so it's going to turn much warmer by the weekend For today I look for a mixture of cloud.

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