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Since last week Clayton county police now released surveillance footage. They search or whomever shot a model on her way to work WSB's. Michelle Wright reports live the family is desperate for answers. Jad? Kaley. Martin just wants to know why? Her sister, Kelsey Quayle isn't here anymore. We just have so many unanswered questions twenty-eight-year-old model recently moved to Georgia a few weeks back and was driving to work last week. When her car wrecked on upper Riverdale road. Authorities later discovered that Kelsey was shot in the neck police, captain Scott stub says by releasing video of Quayle's car. Just before the crash they hope to get some clue. Has to be random. Quails family is working to get her body. Now back to California for her funeral which is set for Saturday. You can check out the surveillance video at our website at WSB radio dot com. Reporting live, Michelle Wright, WSB and acworth man faces felony the Hitler homicide charges for causing the July wreck that killed a Cobb County teacher seventeen year old girl. A grand jury returns the indictment against Brayden price whose turn twenty one in jail. He admits smoking couple joints before getting behind the wheel. We told g crossed an oncoming traffic on Mars hill road and struck Alison carols SUV two months before her wedding. Despite changes to the financing terms of the Atlanta Gulch project. Critics of the proposed redevelopment are not impressed and lineup to say. So during Monday's city council meeting lipstick on a P is still a peak. Stevie Wonder can see that this is a bad deal. Council serve any time to evaluate the revised proposal before a vote. WSB news time seven oh. Three new this morning. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo arrives in Saudi Arabia to confer with the Royal family about the disappearance and presumed death of Washington Post contributor, Jamal kashogi CNN reports the Saudis may be prepared to admit the kashogi died an interrogation that went wrong. President Trump has already suggested road killers. The president does not want to jeopardize a major Saudi arms deal. WSB news time seven oh, four has met investigates. A suspicious letter sent to the main home of Senator Susan Collins, a spokeswoman for Collins says the envelope claimed it contained rice and no information.

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