Mark Hanna, Post-Dispatch, President Trump discussed on The Tim McKernan Show


Of getting covered in, you know, with with the post-dispatch fancies or media views, calm. And even with that, I can tell you how frustrating it is to get up in the morning and read something that you know is factually inaccurate. But if you know you say it's factually inaccurate stout bitching like like, I'm like defending it, you know, like he'd off protest too much. So I can't imagine what it's like to be in a spot where you're running for an office, you know, president or otherwise, and. Read things that you know are untrue and how that would piss you off. And as I always say regarding DNC's or if he wants to rip the show or rip me, that's fine. But I just want the facts to be accurate, but sometimes it's not his fault. I think he gets stuff from people who you know, might have vested interest in trying to portray something one way to to cover for themselves. And I've I, I I know firsthand instances in my career where that's happened happening. It goes back my God. I can the first one I think I can think of two thousand seven two thousand thirteen two thousand seventeen. I mean they're all over the place that I can think of. So I get it and I get people's frustration with it. The thing that I find to be convenient is it works when it when it works with one's candidate or political party, and then it doesn't work when it does not work for once candidate or political party. And I feel like if you want to gain credibility than your principal is ahead of your party or your. Titian Ben. Thank you so much for the question. I hope that didn't go too far into the weeds, but I tried to give it from the perspective of somebody who not only wasn't journalism school, but at least at the time. And I think this is still the case considered to be one of the best journalism schools in the country. And in my first hand account, which certainly would be limited politically. But you know, I do recall thinking I do specifically recall thinking, hey, Mark Hanna is the presenting sponsor of our guests every week here on the Tim Kernan show, and I had a chance to have lunch with Mark just yesterday as a matter of fact, and we were telling each other stories of, you know, just looking back because I, we're like, I think the exact same age and gone my God. How about this? You know, regarding just financial decisions that are so basic but so damaging and you don't realize that in ideally, you eventually realize it and hopefully realize that when you're still in your twenties. And that's why when I, when I talk about. Mark Hanna on the show. I kind of, you know, I have copy points here and that's, that's that's the, that's the name of the game. And I understand that. But I really want to get the audience's attention and say to you with an amount sincerity that is is deep and really from first hand perspective as possible, the importance of having a financial adviser. And so when I was talking to Mark about yesterday, I think sometimes there's a reputation in our industry that people are shadier. They're out to tell people they need something that they don't need. And honestly, I'm not aware of that, but that's his industry. And so maybe he's more conscious of it than I would be like when I talk about sports, talk radio in and people all my God and I go, yeah. I mean, this is kind of the way we've lived this for, you know, more than a decade. We don't think anything of it. But then when you tell somebody who's not on the inside and they go my God, I can't believe that. Oh, yeah, that's that's what's going on. So Mark knows. And and so then this gives me the chance to say this. I, he's like the most sincere. Good hearted person you could ask for and and he's not looking to like all of a sudden like he meets with unique, it's grand or something like that. That's not the way that it works. He you give you give him your information and he enters it in and gives you an idea of where you are and he organized it for you..

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