Wright, Donald Trump, Ted Baxter discussed on This American Life


Staff sometimes wright's perspective tweets for trump to submit to him for us and they make sure to incorrectly punctuate misspell so that trump will not see any people the biggest mistake they are making is presuming that donald trump is an idiot they started out thinking this during the campaign they have not let go of it this is the kind of hubris an air wiggins that that marks elites wherever you go they think they're better than everybody else smarter than everybody else and they look at everybody else with contempt and they think trump is an idiot he can't spell can't punctuate novice staff has right is is tweets they haven't the foggiest idea who this guy is they've created a caricature you know who they think he is you see blazing saddles they think they think that he is governor main the guy with a slingshot running around and harvey korman's really running the show you know another way to look at trump how about the movie caddyshack here you have these phony club members led by ted baxter and he's running around they've got this little country club and everybody in it thinks they're the best of the best in town and rodney dangerfield decisive joining gets in and blows the club.

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