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Was the d-box back in august eighteen. Since then it's it's won't enjoy one zero one. It and the the september is zero point eight to august two point zero see just solid so. Yeah absolutely. Absolutely how you say. It can carry on enough given luxembourg second. Second-longest is gonna go wednesday also. It's going to be the oakland a.'s. Money line versus the royals Sean maniaci versus mike minor I'm pretty much fading. Mike minor hearing we know we talked about the strategy earlier in the season is i. Are you going to be that guy that walks since the casino and bed on the color. That just keeps coming up. Where are you going to be a guy that's gonna fade and thinking the other side's going to come but i'm going to be that guy that backs that same color meaning fading mike minor. The world's haven't have lost seven straight games when he's been starting pitcher foreign seven with a record with a five point one eight. Era at home. He did have one good. Start against the as this season but that was all the way back. July not wanna put too much stock into that as art. Three in one against the royals season Much of a handicap on mnaya. But like we talked about that. I'm just fading. Mike minor here if there is a pitching change in iowa and kind of disclaimer out there is that whatever is matching up against mike minor. I will be on the oakland a.'s. Whenever my minor is pitching so hopefully it is sean maniaci versus mike. Minor tomorrow night but You know. I'm just fading. Mike minor here and we're gonna go oakland as money line for my second log which is tomorrow and then our double lock between malcolm and myself is going to be wednesday also phillies money line versus a cubs ranger suarez. Alec mills. I feel like i've been burned by mike mine refute things. This season just seem to keep getting Possibly kansas as well as seem to get wrong. But it just seems to be tailing off a little bit Is the season gets on. We've we've talked before about the these guys who've thought insure. Yeah absolutely absolutely with not enough. And i picked up a dog which goes on thursday night. Which is tyler alexander. If the tigers against dietrich ends of the race a dietrich ends make me second podcast appearance. He was and save for the res when we did a little quiz astara major with a couple of weeks ago. Tyler alexander eleven starts for detroit too into with a four point..

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