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You know, when he's decided that something has to be done, this way. By God, it has to be done that way. Period. He's a total dick about it. He's a total dick. Which is a so absurd because you know that people have missed it. So good people who have tried to do the right thing, and of, you know, followed all of the rules because of some technicality, like if you asked one of these priests or one of the Mormon bishops, will this technicality keep this person from getting into heaven? It seems impossible that they would say no. Or rather that they would say yes, that person can't go to heaven. This good person who dedicated their life to blah blah blah. Right. And yet they've trapped themselves because in the moment it has to be done correctly, right? But if it slips and nobody notices, then they'll all God's gonna be like, oh, that's okay. I'll tell you what it is, Dan. And this is where mormonism always loops back around to. That's what the millenniums for. Yes. Yes. That's what the Mormons for. The Mormons have some out that other religions don't have. The Mormons have given themselves some back doors. They've got a thousand years to make it all right. Oh shit. Kathy wasn't actually baptized? Oh, no. Well, we're not gonna do some retroactive baptism here. Don't worry. That's what the Cathy can sit tight in purgatory. We'll get to her. In the long run she's gonna be just fine. It'll be all right. It's kind of amazing. It does feel like you either have to be full on stickler and God and God says fuck you to anyone who doesn't get all of the everything? Or you gotta just be like, this is mostly symbolic. This is large. This is for you. This isn't for God. God can see. But they don't do it that way. No. They try to have their cake and eat it too. It is amazing. How dumb it all is. Like, you look at the fear in the face of a Catholic, who might be dying and there's no priest anywhere nearby to do last rights. That is, that is abusive. Yeah. To put that fear into a human being, or that that dying person turns out father, what was his name again? Andres? Andres was the one who did their baptism and they're like, oh no. Right? Grandpa. It was father Andres. Yeah, exactly. Those last rights aren't gonna do you any good. You weren't even baptized. Good lord. I mean, why don't they do last rights with the baptism? Just include it with the so do all of the rights all at the same time for the babies. No, they're the last rights. Dance. So you're doing them last. No, but you do them all in order, and you do last rights last, and then they're good. Right when you're a baby. That's what you're saying. Yeah, yeah. That way. That way there's no way you're gonna miss out on any of the important ones. You do your baptism. I mean, last night. Suggests that there's an order to things. So isn't like kind of one of the I don't know. I don't know. That's more like a torture, I think. Or is it first communion? Yeah, you gotta first communion, right? Yeah, you gotta stuff a cracker down their mouth and a straw full of wine and marry them off to someone. Yeah, exactly. Oh man, the boy, it's just amazing. How much you have to back yourself into a corner when you start doing when you start building not just a belief system, but an ordered religion when you start to build something that has rights and rituals and whatever you just, you're going to back yourself into a corner. You're going to fuck yourself up. Yeah, I mean, as soon as you start having these things, like even if your first generation of believers is all super chill and relaxed, oh, no big deal. You said it wrong, who cares, right? That's not how it's going to stay. Right. Because the orthodox people are the ones and the fundamentalists. They're the ones who are going to eventually take over the whole damn thing. Right, you're going to have a miscavige next. The second you have your Brigham young, you're in trouble. Justin Smith can be as cool as he and John Ron eld Hubbard can be as cool as they want to be. Yeah. But yeah, somebody else is coming along next and it's going to things are going to get wacky. That's awesome. Oh boy. Well Friends, if you grew up with.

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