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This is what they're doing. They're measuring the vaccinations. They're not counting. You well okay. Cdc in may may nineteenth less than a month ago. Cdc updated estimated disease burden of covid nineteen. What that means is how many people have had is the full impact of the disease. Cd provides estimates of covid nineteen infections symptomatic illnesses hospitalizations using a statistical model blah blah blah blah blah. Here here is the estimated total infections. One hundred fourteen million estimated symptomatic illnesses these the people that developed symptoms 'cause they had the cove it and recovered. Are you ready. Three hundred and thirty million people united states right ninety seven point one million had it now is the. Cdc is counting. This and these are the ones that that were either hospitalized or were told by a hospital. Yeah you have it go home. Get under a blanket. Drink water take ibuprofen. You know comeback if your if your fever is over one hundred and four or whatever as you might expect Zero to seventeen years old virtually immune eighteen to forty nine. The estimate is at fifty five million. People were infected forty seven million. were symptomatic. now here's here's the gap between what we do know. And what and what. The cdc's accounting is forty seven million point. Four were symptomatic. One point three million hospitalized. Everyone else i died. A were missing mass graves. Everyone else stated home. And as rodney peete says grunted it out and this is the part where they the. Cdc estimates that a little over one third of americans notwithstanding the vaccine a little bit one third of americans were were infected and symptomatic and have recovered. And and so. I don't know if i need to shoot this link to dr ferrara or not but it it may be a as as we've been saying for months i'm using the royal either That they're not factoring in when they determine herd immunity. They're not factoring in those of us. Who had it and now have natural immunity. So there's that So as we talked about last week there was the a chinese scientists just weeks after the admission that human to human transmission was possible at chinese scientists from the wuhan institute for allergy applied for kobe nineteen vaccine patent and it may have cost him his life. we'll we'll come back with that a little bit because The foreign intelligence services have very ominous warning about anybody with information about the leak of the virus from the wuhan institute of technology that there seems to be a purge of staffs that either work there or at at related facilities They're in china Back in the second dark. replace. Brian suits in here. It's eleven. kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app Now.

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