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And Bob Muller said listen that's my report and I'm sticking to it I'm not gonna go outside the scope of that report well we'll see how things go tomorrow when he testifies before the Judiciary Committee and the intelligence committee Serena Marshall is joining us from Washington reporting for ABC news and for KFI and Serena how does this change if he can bring his one of his deputies along with him Mister Saunders Jason Kerry that are going on up here on Capitol Hill at the new developments Miller has asked members of both committees not to bring his deputy Erin doubly with him to appear but to have Aaron doubly appear as a witness that means he would be sworn in to both of those committees and they would be allowed to ask him questions now there are the the committees themselves aren't sure if they're going to allow that at this time because they warranted it's kind of a curve ball if you well because they were planning on being able to ask him questions the only direct questions to Robert Muller so that is in a good situation that is still on going on here on Capitol Hill it's just about love where are we like twenty hours away no fifteen hours map isn't my strong suit and this I I would think that Democrats would like this because Bob Miller has said as we've talked about yesterday to it has said that he won't deviate from that from that report that is already in the hands of Americans in Congress at but this guy seems like he's a bit of a wild card that maybe he could opine further about things that are in the report and that's the question that's why they haven't agreed yet if they'll let him come up and be sworn in it seems at this moment are leaning toward allowing him to come up and be at the witness stand at the council but council aren't often sworn in so in that case our mother to confer with him before answering a question but you're right he didn't make that declaration but we do know the department of justice I did write a letter to Mahler telling him yesterday to stick only to his report as he said he was now is it along those lines sticking to his report Republicans have said they're going to ask about the origins of the investigation the origins of for example the FISA warrant on Carter page was there enough reference to that in that report we're we're that would actually come out where they're gonna talk about that at all or with the above Bob Miller say listen I'm only here to talk about the report itself there definitely was the background information of how it came to be as part of the report I mean we already know some of these this information it was in twenty thirteen that Carter page was first approached by Russian national in the FBI had later I used to be a common spy and he was secretly recorded in April of twenty thirteen talking with another accused by about efforts to recruit pages an intelligence source so we know how some of this background came to be and how it how it perpetuated but that is a good question of whether or not Republicans will trying get Miller to deviate remember Mahler is used to being on Capitol Hill he's his band before committees more than eighty times in his tenure at as being in the government that's as many as as most if not more than most people have ever testified before Congress he's one of the most experienced when the disease experienced prosecutor so this is going to be hard for him as a fairly especially someone who is prepared as much as he has in fact his spokesperson told us he's been preparing for weeks even with members of the former special counsels team yeah he's been preparing for weeks we found out the Democrats are going to go through their clothes locked door yeah come on that's can't be very fun to sit through but it also I you know the Republican war room preparing for this tooth so both sides are getting gearing up for Muller day tomorrow all right well happy Muller eve Teo Serena I don't think of it as exciting as Christmas I think that we've done with all our cake tomorrow and a delivery now you guys the last thing I want is a cake with Bob Miller's by god it wouldn't be the only one I guarantee ari Serena thank you when we come back we're gonna talk a little bit more about the budget deal that was reached because it looks like there will be no shut down at least not anytime soon and what we can expect in this debate coming up a week from today edge of your seat but Kamel Harris and Cory Booker are gonna tag team on Joe Biden when it comes to his nineteen ninety four crime bill thank you for that visual Gary Indiana and Joe Biden wrestling tights yeah trying to fend off both the Cory Booker Anna Kamel Harris Joe Kwan has the latest three people have been charged for a fight a Disney land that was caught on video and went viral a man from Las Vegas and a sister who's from Compton are accused along with the woman's husband health officials in Costa Rica say nineteen people have died from counterfeit alcohol poisoned with math at all government officials confiscated about thirty thousand bottles of bootleg liquor over the weekend north Korean state media reports.

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