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Hey did you feel the earthquake yesterday no i didn't feel it where i am but some people said they felt a little shake korver yeah but listen i heard you mention the groucho marx show uh you know you bet your life and i thought oh i have the call because uh the they tried to revive that show of course there's only one groucho but they tried to revive it you're a member who tried to bring that show back who was bill cosby really yes he had a show he tried to redo it you know you bet your life and the thing about it almost lost my job because they held an audition here in baltimore and i thought wouldn't it be signing so i told my job i i've gotta make a little run i'll makes the time uh when i come back not knowing anything about auditions i go down this three hundred people at the first audition and they explain that they were only going to pick five people so everybody did the audition we you know when you do you audition and they say can you stay well that's what happened to me and i'm thinking or more more there's about one hundred twenty people left i'm going to lose my job well luckily what happened i ended up getting on that show and i'll so when i went back and told them that i have gotten picked as one of the five to be on the rebate thinking them remake show of that uh you bet your life vet see much job because it was almost cozy.

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