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He's upside. He's a really good shot stopper right now. Like everything else in his game is kind of lacking right now in hill admit that. He's not good with his feet. He flapped at a cross last week against Orlando and that cost that cost the fire a goal. And he copped to that as well. He said, I've got to do better there and that wasn't the first cross that he slapped at this year. He is the highest upside young keeper I've ever seen, come through the U.S., but and he's already a really good MLS starter. I mean, he's not going to be lawyer. In a thousand years, he's not going to be annoying. I'm not going to say he's going to be Buffon either. But because that's like he's literally the greatest goalkeeper I've ever seen. So I'm not going to say that, but I will be surprised if he's in, if he's MLS, much longer, and I won't be surprised if three years from now we consider him to be one of the better goalies by the goalkeepers in Syria or EPL even. Ezra had some that was really measured from Doyle Anders. I heard him say that Gaga salina is the next eager Casillas headline YouTube. Yeah, that's what I heard. He didn't actually say, well, I'm just kidding, listen. I'm done with me. I don't know. He didn't say La Liga. So we can't really go there. But we can find you're right. The new daughter rumor. He's gonna make another kind of gonna make down a room a little like a scrub is what I say that was actually Donald was actually doing that himself. Right. Technically doesn't need anybody else's help. Shout out to Thomas formosa. By the way, good news from a TSL made. Ronaldo reda is out as head coach at Columbia, so that's another job that is open. Golly, this timing is just impeccable for all involved. And our last game here. Also Panama looking for a new head coach. At home lose the inner Miami, which had Austin fans in a tizzy, sorry. One nothing, but hey, a win for Austin and it's like a bad relationship. You're the one in a bad relationship. You're the one that I've got to cleanse it. I've got a cleanse at all. I've got a good cleanser dog. I gotta go fight some Greg. I hope I never walk through the streets of Austin with Andrew Wiggins. I'm gonna work to make that happen. The bad relationship was Phil Neville, who's now after this win saying about Gonzalez, we will need him without a shadow of a doubt, this season's really long, it's going to be a long week. We need Gonzalez. He heard him on FaceTime on the bus on the way to this game encouraging..

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