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E? I agree with you? It's gonna be interesting to watch is gonna be close. All right, then you Mike, Ohio. What's up, Mike? Are you? Thanks for taking me. I'm fine. What's going on. When you say Otto Otto Graham is the goat. Uh, man that like we're talking about Joe Nemeth days now. Away before that's you know, that's pretty name If I know Otto Graham. I don't think I don't think 99% of the people listening right now have a clue what you're talking about. Like if I name the 69 Mets lineup world Syria's line up, Nobody's gonna know who had Crane Poole is or Bud Harrelson or Tommy Eiji or clear on Jones. I understand it, but still, it's still the fact that auto played 10 years and 10 years he was in the championship game. And actually, he played in 11 Championships. Just let you know he was actually he played for. I think it was called the Rochester Royals in the MBA at that time, and he was part of the winning team of that, and he also Auto also was a A played defense for three or four years for the Browns to the plate, complete goddess. Yes. Otto's to go. All right. Well, that's my buddy Jim Gray's book is book is phenomenal. I've read it now cover to cover the greatest of all time, and he's not like Tiger Woods is relationship. Ali is relationship. I mean, all these tiger woods is relationship. I mean it just this amazing When you see people at the highest levels, and by the way, they don't always win. You know, it's the thrill of victory the agony of defeat. Tried it, but you know what I love about sports. And thanks for the call. Appreciate it. What I love about sports. And it's really simple. It mirrors everything about life. It just does. The harder you work, the better you're going to do. You're not always gonna win. Sometimes you win, And sometimes you're going to lose and at some points, you know, you gotta take those those hits. Learn to be a gracious winner learn to be a gracious loser. But I think the biggest lesson that everybody learns is you can never work hard enough. There's always something that you can improve upon. One of the ways that over the years that I think I'd like to think hopefully, but hopefully it's true that I tried to be a better host is you know Reed? People's comments about this show and like focus groups or perceptual studies, a man people are brutally brutally honest. And you know if five people hate me because of my a bunch of people hate me because of my views. I can't help that. I'm not changing my views. Some people hate some stylistic this or that. Okay, I listen to it. I have a lot of people say it. What I've discovered is they're usually right. Not usually almost always. Right. John Vermont. You need a team up in Vermont. We'll call you the the Snowflake Snowball franchise. I don't know what's going on. Well, you do have a socialist senators up there. We get a couple of them and they're they're disgusting. And but anyways, I just wanted to call him to say as a career lifelong New England Patriots fan I'm going with Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. And I myself like you wasn't watching NFL football this year, But when Grady and the Fox got into the playoffs, I've watched each one of the playoff game. And they've been They've been amazing everything. Yeah, they have. I mean, I saw I thought that the line up against Drew Brees and then Rogers. I said, my God, this is like candidates for the Hall of Fame, playing against each other in live Calibers, and it was wonderful. But don't forget you were saying, you know, are one of these Calls was saying he'd been lucky. Well, don't forget those catches that the giant made against their helmets in the terrible were, Yeah. Remember those in your Giants fan so Oh, please. We have seven already. Oh, by the way, you're really pissing off my engineer JC own Jason. You wanna weigh in? Go ahead. Yeah, we want to against Brady. So shut up. All right? Yeah, well, six is larger than two. Oh, ouch! While a shade being thrown on the show today, not good. All right. Thank you. John and Vermont. He's from New England. New England loves Tom Brady, Eric and Arizona. What's up, Eric? Sean. I've been listening to you for a long as I can remember. So I love always loved your shows. Thank you. I am a major Tom Brady fan grew up in New England, now living in Arizona for the Pittsburgh fans. First of all that called a while back. What in the world is Pittsburgh know about beating New England? New England has owned and I mean, zoned out forever. You know, I love sports rivalries. Everyone gets nuts. I'm loving it. Go ahead. It is, but it's not even close. Pittsburgh what wouldn't know what in the world would they know about beating New England? Well, if we go back to the, you know, mean Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw days. I'm sorry that you know they Franco Harris. I mean, a formidable team. Yeah, But here's Here's the reason why Brady's the goat and I know I heard the guy from auto Gram and all that stuff Brady and I don't think this is arguable. This is not for coming from a fan. Brady has done more with less than any other quarterback in the league. Who, beyond Randy Moss, can anyone name that is a premier Number one receiver Beyond Moss. We're going to say Julian Edelman. Really? I mean, Adelman's great, but he's a third level talent, Emotional gentleman's, but now you're putting him way too far down on the list. No, I mean, he's a slot receiver. He's a slot receiver. He works well in their system. But you know every everybody when they saw gentleman become great. They started imitating him. That's why you got. I think, Sean. Katie's got a few points about who would be a good person to talk about here. One thing here. This is important. I mean, Gronkowski. Oh, come on now. God cows, But Bill Bella check has gotta be like ready to jump off a bridge today..

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