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Go to dav dot org sight easy to break her most individuals leaving an abusive relationship it takes seven times before they're able to finally get away especially the cycle of violence this happen everywhere and it can be happening at your neighbor's house and you don't know it turns for generations this is what i experienced growing pains abuse antalya on my mind think tank until you stop them from entering the congress listened on demining cpac data like kboi news time is ten thirty we have an update for you on the story we have been following over the past couple of weeks regarding our local high school coach that wants his job back james day says he's reapplying for the position of deputy high school varsity boy's basketball coach after his job oppor was received july 25th by the school district as reported last week in the idaho presstribune day was selected as the basketball coach but said the job oppor was rescinded day believes the decision was made due to an 1890s allegation that exacts with a 17yearold girl's basketball player while he was a boy's basketball coach in greenville north carolina days denied those allegations and no charges wherever filed since the offer was rescinded a number of local students and parents had come to his defence and gathered outside the nap a school district office in support of day being reinstated as head coach rick worthington six seventy kboi and i'm tyler martin six seventy kboi more local news more often news talk six seventy kboi.

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