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President Trump, Vice President, Governor Charlie Baker discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


Governor Charlie Baker is preparing to submit his latest state budget proposal on beacon hill amid signs of a looming. Economic slowdown and calls by some to raise taxes for education and other initiatives, Massachusetts, finishing the last fiscal year with more than one billion dollars in surplus money. Most experts don't see that happening. Again, Baker will file has roughly forty two billion dollar spending proposal on Wednesday. Many Democrats say additional revenues are needed to implement reforms to the states education funding formula Baker proposed an increase in the state excise tax on real estate transfers to help communities prepare for climate change. President Trump at Dover air force base in Delaware today for a ceremony honoring the four Americans killed in. That suicide bombing this week in Syria. The president standing. Solemnly so living the remains of civilian Scott Wirtz of Saint Louis as those remains were carried from a C seventeen military aircraft to awaiting verse the three other transfers to be conducted brightly with the president's observing on CBS has face the nation. Vice President Mike Pence defended President Trump's decision to withdraw troops from Syria, saying, the ISIS state has been defeated and whatever remnants remain will be dealt with by coalition forces with the support of the US the president wants to bring our troops home. But he also wants to make sure that we hand off the fight against ISIS in Syria. What remains of ISIS in Syria to our coalition partners? And that we continue to support them with American assets in the region. Mr. Trump touting reporters as he left the White House that relatives of the country's fallen heroes might be the toughest thing. He's had to do as president consoling them. WBZ.

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President Trump, Vice President, Governor Charlie Baker discussed on WBZ Afternoon News

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